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Give recruiters a full 360 profile of each candidate for faster, more precise placement.

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Executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles receives thousands of resumes and documents from potential job candidates every day. Recruiters were spending too much time looking through various network drives and cloud services assembling all these bits and pieces into a coherent profile. With Fusion, the team created an app that indexes thousands of new resumes in real-time stored in Azure, and then automatically matches them with existing data and documents in Salesforce to create a 360-view of every job candidate. This gives recruiters one point of access so they spend less time hunting for the right document, and more time matching the right candidate to the right position.


Full Candidate 360

With bits and pieces of candidate information spread across your network, recruiters waste time searching for all the data and documents related to a candidate’s profile. Fusion indexes all of this information and finds all the connections to assemble a comprehensive candidate profile. Recruiters see accurate, always updated profiles so they can more accurately place and interview candidates.


Any Document in Any Format

Your data is not just everywhere – it’s in every format. You need access to data stored in the cloud, behind SaaS services, and other silos. With over 40 pre-built connectors and adapters, Fusion connects to all of your data for real-time access regardless of where your data lives. Our connector framework is easily extensible to create adapters for custom endpoints for proprietary systems or other protocols.


Robust, Reliable, Scalable

Fusion is built on Apache Solr, the most scalable and reliable search engine in the world. Solr can index, ingest, and enrich thousands of documents per second and perform search queries and aggregate profiles across millions of data points in seconds. Solr’s architecture enables Fusion to scale cost effectively across commodity hardware or in the cloud.


Clifford Barnes

VP, Global Program Director

"With Lucidworks and Solr, we are able to get the most out of our Hadoop investment. Both candidates and recruiters use our search applications to find the right match aligned to their specific needs. Lucidworks has transformed the way we use search across the organization to ensure every customer's success."

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