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AHIMA-01 The American Health Information Management Association site features a full database of resources and tools for professional development in the health information industry. AHIMA had outgrown their Google Search Appliance deployment and wanted a more flexible and custom search experience for visitors to their website. With Fusion, the dev team was able to deploy a powerful search capability across the entire site so site visitors could find the help and resources they needed.


All Your Data, All the Time, At Scale

Organizations have to wrangle a constantly changing variety of data sources. And that data is stored all over the place – in the cloud, behind SaaS services, and other silos. Fusion scales to billions of documents no matter where they’re stored or what file format they’re in. Fusion connects to your data wherever it lives with over 40 pre-built connectors including real-time data streams and constantly updated data sets.


Better Administration and Reporting

Open source solutions rarely have the interface that administrators and power users demand. Fusion’s powerful admin UI enables you to quickly, setup, deploy, and configure your search application with just a few clicks. Our search UI gives you a configurable and customizable interface for deploying search applications instantly. Configure scheduled and ad hoc reports with a powerful analytics and reporting engine.


Precise, High-Relevancy Results

Search results with low relevancy frustrate users and most will sipmly just give up. If you don’t know how the results are ranked the way you don’t know how to make it better. Fusion includes powerful tools for creating and managing business rules and tuning the relevancy of your search applications. Personalized results and recommendations further enhance the experience based on signal processing and aggregation.

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