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Reduce time to market, accelerate product development, enhance R&D, and protect your IP with unified search across your organization.

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The world’s top pharmaceutical companies came to Accenture with a challenge: How to digitally enable their R&D function. Accenture used Lucidworks Fusion to create a unified search for the Accenture Life Sciences Cloud which reduced the time and cost to take drugs from development to market. The application indexes and ingests millions of documents and files producing end-to-end clinical data management for all stages of the drug research pipeline.


Deeper, Scalable Search

Organizations have data and documents spread across several networks and cloud services. Fusion can connect and ingest all of it providing comprehensive search across silos, business units, clinics, and laboratories. Fusion easily scales to index billions of documents in any data format including real-time streams and frequently updated data sets. Our Smart Access API lets you query across all of your data sources using natural language search, key/value search, and statistical operations.


Complete Compliance and Oversight

Fusion includes a powerful analystics and reporting engine to configure scheduled and ad hoc reports and create live dashboards for multiple audiences or roles. Analyze your system logs to ensure regulatory compliance, data retention policies, and governance protocols are being followed. Fusion can also process historical logs to give you a more complete view into your data.


Relevant Results, Faster Answers

Bad metadata and clunky enrichment can make large data sets unwieldy and useless. Fusion’s faceted search and index pipelines provide data enrichment, producing enhanced findability. Synonyms and named entity recognition connected related documents and data points. Researchers can quickly find the information they need so clinical trials and product development stays on schedule and on budget.

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