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Get the Couchbase Connector for Apache Solr

Connect your Couchbase instance to the most powerful search and analytics software in the world.


Continuous Real-Time Replication

The Lucidworks Couchbase Connector continuously transfers data to Solr after data is written to disk on Couchbase. The search index on the Solr cluster is always kept up­-to-date with the data in Couchbase.

Efficient Recovery From Network Failures

The connector intelligently tracks the state of what data is replicated from Couchbase to Solr. If data transfer is interrupted due to intermittent network connection failures, it resumes index right from where it left off.

Topology Awareness

If a Couchbase node or Solr server goes down or if new servers are added, the updated cluster topology information is obtained and replication extends to the available servers in the destination cluster.

Linear Scale

The combined solution scales linearly to accommodate your organization’s ever­growing collection of data with a reliable, stable platform.

Download the Couchbase Connector