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Get the Hadoop Connector for Apache Solr

Combine the flexibility of Hadoop with the power of Apache Solr search for real­-time data accessibility and analytics capabilities.

PCI Compliance

Flexible access to required data for investigations and discovery, providing compliance across the organization.

  • Log and access data from systems and applications which process credit card transactions are stored in Hadoop

  • Data is loaded into the index creating metadata (fields) and tags for better organization and findability of events under PCI governance

  • Lucidworks Silk Analytics is used to build views and reports of data that represent different PCI controls

  • Audits are handled in a matter of minutes by exporting views directly from the interface

Security Event Analysis

Comb through mountains of historical and real-time security events coming from a variety of data sources for monitoring and audit.

  • Data is collected from firewalls, applications, intrusion prevention, and physical security devices and stored on Hadoop

  • Data is further enriched via MapReduce or at index time leveraging tags and fields for tracking transactions and possible bad actors on the network

  • Lucidworks Silk Analytics features a search interface for ad­hoc event analysis and threat modeling

  • Threats can be analyzed and audited providing historical context and instant analysis of the organization’s security posture

360 Customer Insight

Gain crucial insights into customer behavior patterns and trends by leveraging customer data across multiple silos

  • Data is collected from application, web, social, and customer databases and stored in Hadoop

  • Field and facet information enhances the discovery and accessibility of customer data

  • Lucidworks Silk Analytics provides an easy interface for data discovery and correlations between siloed data sources

  • Extended customer insight allows organizations to respond in a more agile manner to users preferences and patterns optimizing the transaction experience

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