Advanced Solr Development

June 24, 2019
12:00 - 12:00am

Advanced Solr Development

This one-day course will deep-dive into advanced querying capabilities such as geospatial, phrase, and function queries, tuning relevance to meet specific domain requirements, and the Solr architecture. At the end of this course, you will be able to build sophisticated, horizontally-scalable search applications.

Course Overview

    • Solr Query Architecture
    • Solr Indexing Architecture
    • LAB—In-Depth Indexing and Querying
    • Block JOINs
    • LAB—Block JOINs
    • Schemaless Solr
    • Language Analysis
    • Relevance and Boosting
    • LAB—Boosting and Biasing
    • Advanced Querying
    • LAB—Advanced Querying
    • LAB—Geospatial Search
    • Streaming Expressions
    • LAB—Streaming Queries
    • Parallel SQL

Who Should Attend?

Developers who plan to build a search platform from scratch with Solr. (Those who plan to use Lucidworks Fusion should instead attend the Fusion courses.)


All attendees must first take the Solr Foundations course or have at least 1 year of experience working with Apache Solr.