Lucidworks Fusion App Studio

New York, NY
February 14, 2019
12:00 - 12:00am

Course Overview

The Lucidworks’ Fusion App Studio training will teach you how to connect people with data by building beautiful, modern, front-end applications using App Studio. With this intuitive toolkit, full stack developers with limited UI experience can easily build custom applications in days rather than months. In this course, you will learn a powerful markup language that encapsulates commonly used UX patterns and see how it can be used to effectively present insights across multiple use cases and verticals. You will also explore wizard-driven templates that provide starter applications for use cases such as site search and enterprise search within minutes and learn how to tailor them to your needs. This course also provides comprehensive hands-on lab exercises to help solidify the learning objectives.

Target Persona(s)

  • Search Developer
  • Front-end Developer
  • Search Project Manager

Recommended Audience

Search Project Managers, Front-end Developers and Search Application Developers who are working on or considering a Fusion-based solution and want to considerably reduce the development time to build a custom front-end application will benefit from this course.


This training requires attendees to first take the Fusion Server Foundations 4.1 course. Basic experience with Linux OS and command-line tools is helpful but not required.

Skills and Concepts That You Will Learn

  • Understand UI Design Approaches and Goals
  • Understand how to Use and Implement Search Pages like Results, Details & Dashboards
  • Understand App Studio Architecture and Components
  • Hand-on Review of the App Studio IDE
  • Understand Page Layouts
  • Hand-on Working with Layouts to Build Responsive Pages
  • Understand how to Setup the Search Platform(s) with App Studio
  • Understand how to Work with Query Results and Facets in App Studio
  • Hands-on Developing a Search Results Page with Facets and Modify the Page Rendering for best UX
  • Understand how to Configure Detail Pages in App Studio
  • Hand-on Configuring Detail Page Components and Responsive Layouts
  • Understand App Studio Multi-Query and Federation Capabilities
  • Survey of App Studio Visualization Components
  • Understand the Rendering of Advanced Chart Components in App Studio
  • Hands-on Building a Dashboard in App Studio

Course Outline

  1. Introduction UI Design
  2. Basic UI Elements
  3. Introduction to App Studio
  4. Markup Basics: Layout
  5. Markup Basics: Search and Facets
  6. Configuring Details Page
  7. Multi-query and Federation
  8. Visualizations in App Studio
  9. Markup Basics: Charts