Search Development with Fusion

Seoul, Korea
January 21, 2020
9:00 - 5:00pm KST

Course Overview

Learn how to construct and optimize sophisticated search and data-driven applications using Fusion, Lucidworks’ flexible and user-friendly search application development platform. Built with an open core of Apache Solr and Spark, Fusion is enhanced with features that accelerate the creation and deployment of modern search applications. Learn how to calibrate your search applications for optimal relevance. Explore Fusion’s experimentation framework and the use of signals and telemetry to enhance user experiences and allow for in-depth usage analysis.

Target Persona(s)

  • DevOps / Search App System Administrator
  • Search Project Manager
  • Data Scientist • Search Developer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Marketing/Merchandiser

Recommended Audience

Search Developers, Data Architects, Data Scientists and Search Project Managers who are working on or considering a Fusion-based solution and want to fine-tune their Fusion applications to significantly improve search relevance and user experience will benefit from this course.


This training requires attendees to first take the What is Search E-Learning course that will be provided upon registration. Basic experience with Linux OS and command-line tools is helpful but not required.