Smart Search with Apache Solr

Atlanta, GA
April 12, 2018
12:00 - 12:00am

Smart Search with Apache Solr

This course is geared towards data engineers, data scientists and developers who are interested in learning about information retrieval and how ML and AI can be used to drive contextual, personalized results to users of search-driven applications.

This workshop will provide a grounding in key search concepts, help you get started with Apache Solr, and show how Lucidworks Fusion has combined Solr and Spark in order to provide advanced and automatic relevancy tuning by combining information, analytics and machine learning about content and users.

Course Overview

Introduction to Apache Solr

  1. Search and the Inverted Index
  2. Search Engines vs. Relational Databases
  3. Apache Solr: Modern, Distributed, Horizontally-Scalable Search-first NoSQL database optimized for Information Retrieval
  4. Overview of Key Solr Features: Multilingual Keywords, Relevancy Ranking, Faceting & Analytics, Highlighting, Spelling Correction, Autocomplete, Sorting and Grouping, Geospatial, Complex Function Queries, Recommendations, Graph Queries and Traversals, Streaming Aggregations and SQL Query Support, Plug-ins, and many more.

Installing and Running Solr

Indexing Data to Solr

The Solr Schema

Querying Basics

  1. Solr Query Syntax
  2. Keyword, Boolean, Phrase and Proximity Queries
  3. Range Queries
  4. Filter Queries
  5. Faceted Search
  6. Ranking and Relevance in Solr

Advanced Features

  1. Streaming Expressions
  2. Graph Queries

Relevance tuning using Content, Collaboration and Context

  1. Integrating Solr and Spark with Lucidworks Fusion
  2. Capturing and using user signals for relevance tuning
  3. Personalization
  4. Machine Learning Models and Learning to Rank


Who should Attend?

  • People interested in learning about information retrieval and how ML and AI can drive contextual, personalized results to users of search-driven applications
  • People looking for an introduction to Apache Solr, the most widely used search engine in the planet.
  • The course will move faster than a typical training, but will contain labs. Knowledge of a programming language such as Java, Pyton or PHP, and familiarity with REST and HTTP are required if you want to go beyond the concepts and get hands-on experience


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