All Your Data

Fusion connects to all your data wherever it lives

so your users can access everything from one secure, comprehensive, unified view.

Experience Management

Fusion has everything your team needs to create a fantastic, personalized search experience for every single user.

Operational Simplicity

Fusion puts all the capabilities you need to manage and monitor application performance and cluster uptime at your fingertips.

Do More… Better, Faster, Stronger

ETL and Query Pipelines

Manage all your data transformations - both on the index side and the query side - from one friendly admin interface.


Aggregate user behavior with Apache Spark to custom search results for each individual user based on past actions or actions of similar users.

Natural Language Processing

Parse and process plain English queries so users can type in queries without having to learn complex operators or functions.

Machine Learning

Return the most contextually-relevant results based on users signals, and discover hidden insights in your data with topic modeling and deep learning to leverage the full power of machine learning in Fusion and Spark.


Manage and schedule regular updates from data sources so the index always has the freshest set of data.

Alerting and Messaging

Setup alerts for events like the presence of a specific text in a stream of documents being indexing, or while processing query pipelines.


Complete security from cluster to collection to document with integration with popular security protocols like Kerberos, LDAP/Active Directory, OAuth, and more.


Connect to a myriad of popular data sources or use our connector framework to connect and ingest unique or proprietary data sources.


Fusion’s streamlined interface for first-time developers gets you from dataset to working app accepting queries in a matter of minutes.

Solr’s Amazing, But Solr’s Not Enough

Fusion puts all the capabilities you need to manage and monitor application performance and cluster uptime at your fingertips.

Fusion’s got you covered

Apache Solr
Built on Open Core
Full-Text Search
Highly Scalable
Real-Time Indexing
Extensible Plugin Architecture
Rich Document Parsing
Basic Security
Advanced Security
ETL/Index Pipelines
Signal Capture
Admin UI
Natural Language Processing
Web Crawler
Over 40 Connectors
End User UI Framework
Machine Learning
Big Data Frameworks

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