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Balancing AI and Human Intelligence

Presented at virtual Activate 2020. Artificial Intelligence promises a future of rational, data-centric, highly accurate action and decision support. Yet AI is only one form of intelligence – one that many say mimics the functions of the brain’s linear processes. What is possible when we enhance that intelligence with our own “HI” – our most human, integrated intelligence – by activating a fuller array of cognitive processes as we partner with AI? Citing neuroscience, Design Thinking, and anecdotes about Einstein’s brain, this short session will propose ways to think beyond AI in ways that – so far, at least – only our human intelligence allows.

Ellen Petry Leanse, Chief People Officer, Lucidworks

Intended Audience:
Anyone interested in design, ethics, the potential and current limitations of AI – or who wants to take a moment to “Think Different.”

Attendee Takeaway:
Attendees will increase understanding of their own intelligence as an enhancement to AI. They’ll also learn about two essential thought modalities, how Einstein’s unusual brain may have guided his genius, and what AI “needs” from Human Intelligence to do its best work.

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