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Building Conversational Search with Fusion

In this webinar, we will look at how search is evolving to be more like spoken conversation. For example, the financial services industry is a very specific domain where traditional search is often insufficient. When an analyst says “earnings report” they don’t want to see documents with the phrase “earnings report,” they want a list of actual earnings reports.

Traditional approaches put the burden on the user to specify fields and learn more about how the information is stored before composing a query. New approaches enabled by Fusion allow the end user to type in their normal everyday business language and get back meaningful results.

The session includes:

  • An overview of conversational search, where it came from, how it is evolving, and its limitations
  • A demo of the technology and approaches we’ve implemented across the financial sector
  • Discussion of how these technologies can be adapted for industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing or even in business verticals like sales and marketing
  • Demonstration of a voice to text interface
  • Forward looking demonstration of a Virtual Assistant

This session is led by Andrew C. Oliver, founder of the POI project which enables Fusion/Tika/Solr to read Microsoft Office documents. Andrew was one of the earliest committers to the Apache Lucene project, served on the board of the Open Source Initiative, and was credited as an essential part of the startup JBoss, acquired by Red Hat in 2006. Andrew writes the Strategic Developer column for InfoWorld and is Manager of Technical Enablement at Lucidworks.

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Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
Manager of Technical Enablement, Lucidworks
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