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Building Customer-Targeted Search with Fusion

Customers ask questions, but often those questions are vague or incomplete. Simply showing male customers men’s shoes when they search for “shoes” is no longer enough. You now need to “know your customer” including who they are, where they are, what they’re interested in, what they looked at last time, and what similar customers looked at next. By providing a custom search experience to every user you can increase relevancy – and revenues.

In this webinar we’ll look at:

  • A brief history of search and the trend toward targeted search
  • Why demographics are no longer enough if you want to have an impact on revenue
  • How personalization changes search so the end user has a tailored experience with every visit
  • How signals like clickstreams and other event data can improve search
  • The use of rules to improve customer-specific search

This session is led by Andrew C. Oliver, founder of the POI project which enables Fusion/Tika/Solr to read Microsoft Office documents. Andrew was one of the earliest committers to the Apache Lucene project, served on the board of the Open Source Initiative, and was credited as an essential part of the startup JBoss, acquired by Red Hat in 2006. Andrew writes the Strategic Developer column for Infoworld and is Manager of Technical Enablement at Lucidworks.

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Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
Manager of Technical Enablement, Lucidworks
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