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Personalized Retail Search & Recommendations with Fusion

If you’re in retail, chances are you’re getting crushed by Amazon (or some other huge player). At Lucidworks, we work with top tier retailers trying to increase conversions and survive in the Age of Amazon. Our Fusion platform enables you to own every aspect of the search and shopping experience using best in class search and machine learning.

Join us for a webinar with Lucidworks CTO and retail search expert Grant Ingersoll, to learn:

  • How to leverage and own key user interaction data to deliver better search results, personalization, recommendations, and analytics using the Fusion platform
  • How to simplify your operations and save significant money on operational costs compared with platforms like Oracle Endeca
  • How to train, test, and deploy your scalable machine learning models for query intent, recommendations, machine learning, and search relevance enhancement without your key data ever leaving your data center

Ready to get started? Download Fusion today, view the webinar slides, or learn more about Fusion for online retail.

Grant Ingersoll
Grant Ingersoll
CTO, Lucidworks
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