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Head-n-Tail Analysis in Fusion

Fusion introduces Head-n-Tail analysis as a powerful tool for identifying missed chances for user engagement, whether it was because lots of users searched and no one clicked, or because a few users searched and no results came back. Head-n-Tail analysis uses Fusion signals and aggregation jobs to capture and summarize interesting user events such as queries, result clicks, purchases, and their associated metadata and metrics so you can identify these missed opportunities. Debuting with Fusion 4, query analytics uses signals to provide head-tail analysis, top-performed queries/tokens list, tail rewriting suggestions, and automatically generated token/phrase misspelling corrections.

Join Lucidworks VP of Research Chao Han for a webinar to understand how to use Head-n-Tail analysis to provide better search results and a better experience to your users. We’ll explain the concepts behind it, what it does, and how it works.

This webinar explores:

  • Explanation of Head, Torso, and Tail queries
  • Use of Head-n-Tail analysis to find performance issues
  • How to perform query rewriting automatically for tail queries
Chao Han
Chao Han
Lucidworks VP of Research
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