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Ingesting and Manipulating Data with JavaScript

Data in the wild isn’t always in the right format we need for search or even mere usability. Lucidworks Fusion offers powerful pipelines, parsers, and stages to wrangle your data into the right format to make it more findable and friendly. However, there are some cases where more obscure data will require the power of scripting.

Your data may need a complex transformation, a custom decryption algorithm, or you may already have existing code for handling a piece of data.  Even in these more complex cases, Fusion’s JavaScript capabilities have got you covered.

Join Lucidworks Technical Engagement Manager Andrew C. Oliver for a deep dive into how you can use JavaScript with Fusion’s pipelines to solve your everyday edge cases.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create a JavaScript pipeline stage and implement it in the pipeline configuration
  • Basic Fusion JavaScript APIs and when to use them
  • Specific recipes for dealing with common data issues using JavaScript to solve frequent problems
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
Technical Engagement Manager
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