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Site Search in an Hour

Using Lucidworks View and Fusion 3, you can easily build and deploy site search in less than one hour. Even with multiple data sources, data transformations, and user interface development, a full enterprise search project can be completed in just an hour compared to the usual 6 months.

In this webinar we’ll look at:

  • The overall anatomy of a search project from acquiring data to deploying a search application
  • How to ingest data from a variety of data sources including your RDBMS or NoSQL database
  • How to tune query results for high-relevancy results
  • How to create a user-friendly search interface for your end users
  • What to do next with improving user experience, search results quality, and scalability

This session is led by Andrew C. Oliver, founder of the POI project which enables Fusion/Tika/Solr to read Microsoft Office documents. Andrew was one of the earliest committers to the Apache Lucene project, served on the board of the Open Source Initiative, and was credited as an essential part of the startup JBoss acquired by Red Hat in 2006. Andrew writes the Strategic Developer column for InfoWorld and is Manager of Technical Enablement at Lucidworks.

Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
Manager of Technical Enablement, Lucidworks
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