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Tuning SharePoint Search

Companies all over the world have standardized on Microsoft SharePoint for managing their data and documents. SharePoint’s key strengths are its abilities to import, organize, and enable collaboration. But for many organizations, the benefits of SharePoint can be outweighed by its weaknesses in the search arena. SharePoint’s inability to accurately crawl structured content leaves admins in a lurch while the native search experience often frustrates end users.

This webinar will walk through seven different ways to get under the hood and wrangle SharePoint to show search results the way that you want – and the way that your users expect. We’ll show you exactly what panels to access and what parameters to change to improve and optimize your SharePoint search so search results have higher relevancy and your users find exactly what they’re looking for – the first time.

This webinar will explore:

  • Key problems in providing relevant search with SharePoint and how to spot them in your own deployment.
  • Techniques for improving SharePoint’s search like keyword boosting, custom ranks, spelling, and synonyms.
  • Handling structured content like XML and CSV files to give a more complete search experience.
  • Search strategies that can take you beyond SharePoint for better results and insights.
Andrew Oliver
Andrew Oliver
Technical Engagement Manager, Lucidworks
John Lenker
John Lenker
Senior Sales Engineer, Lucidworks
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