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What’s New in Lucidworks Fusion

Join Lucidworks Senior Director of Product Avi Raju and Technical Engagement Manager Andy Oliver for a guided tour of what’s new and improved with our latest release of Fusion 4.1, including:

  • App Studio integration so you can go from data ingest to a working search application in minutes.
  • Fusion Apps, a grouping of objects that can be exported and shared amongst Fusion instances, reducing time to deployment for new applications.
  • New data acquisition capabilities to load and analyze massive amounts of data from data stores like Cassandra, Hive, and HBase.
  • An improved Connectors SDK that allows data to be ingested from any data source.
  • Improved SQL capabilities to query your index with commands and tools you already know with subsecond (~250ms) response time across billions of documents including endpoints to connect with popular BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and Apache Zeppelin.
Andy Oliver
Andy Oliver
Technical Engagement Manager
Avi Raju
Avi Raju
Senior Director of Product
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