Bad search

is bad business.

Search is an expensive problem.

If you're not providing Google and Amazon-like data experiences, then you're losing money to poor employee productivity and lost sales.


Good search
is good business.

A 10% increase in data accessibility equals $65.7M net income for the typical Fortune 1000 company (Baseline).

We don’t just measure search results in terms of data and users. We measure it in terms of profit and loss.


Search is the future of human-computer interaction.

No longer do you have to “speak computer” and stumble through boolean voodoo or an unforgiving command line.

Today’s search systems are learning to “speak human,” understanding the intricacies of human language (NLP) and behavior (signals).


We speak search.

Lucidworks was founded by the team that created Apache Solr.

Solr is still the world’s most widely deployed open source search platform, and used by 90% of the Fortune 500. We employ some of the world’s foremost search and machine learning experts, and are obsessed about helping companies build search experiences that transform their business.

We have no other hobbies. Search is all we do.


The world’s largest companies trust us.

We believe that search is the largest untapped source of value in the Enterprise. Some of the world’s largest companies agree. In fact, six out of the ten largest companies in the US are Lucidworks customers.

Let us show you why.

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