Manufacturing Edition: Second Annual Generative AI Benchmark Report

Manufacturing Edition: Second Annual Generative AI Benchmark Report

The future of manufacturing is intelligent, but a surprising number of manufacturers are hitting the brakes on generative AI investments. The latest generative AI benchmark report reveals increased concerns and slow deployment of planned AI initiatives among manufacturers.

This free report dives deep into the current state of Gen AI in manufacturing, uncovering critical insights including:

  • Less than half of manufacturers plan to increase AI spend in 2024 compared to 93% in 2023
  • Despite a slower-than-anticipated rollout, nearly half of manufacturers already report cost benefits from AI initiatives
  • Only 1 in 4 companies across all industries have successfully launched AI initiatives in the past 12 months

Don’t get left behind. Download the exclusive cut of manufacturing findings from the 2024 Gen AI Global Benchmark Study and learn how to leverage generative AI, future-proof your business, and stay ahead of the curve.

44% of manufacturers are concerned with response accuracy

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