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B2B ECommerce Handbook: Formulas for Digital Growth

Formulas for Digital Growth ECommerce Handbook

DC360 shares the key steps to build an impactful B2B ecommerce strategy.

B2B buyers want the relatively easy, streamlined online shopping they experience in their personal lives to translate to their professional lives. But B2B selling is far more complicated. In the realm of product discovery, B2B companies end up tuning their ecommerce platforms for things like SKU or numeric lookup. This is tough for most B2B companies to keep up with when they have legacy platforms.

A lot of B2B companies struggle with basic data-driven decision-making. So, it’s sometimes unnaturally hard to integrate a challenger ecommerce technology solution and prove its efficacy. Read the report to learn how B2B companies can create a B2C-like experience for complex B2B transactions in their effort to attract and retain customers.

The report includes:

  • How to choose between on-prem, SaaS, or managed-and-hosted solutions
  • How to deploy an effective product information management system
  • How to provide a streamlined online shopping experience


B2B Companies are under immense pressure to keep up with a quickly evolving digital commerce environment… This report lays out many of the steps businesses are taking, from identifying customer needs to managing useful product and customer data and providing a user-friendly, personalized buying experience—and growth in sales to boot.

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