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Report: The Top Software Trends in 2023

cover of report with black title text that reads "The Top Software Trends in 2023"

Forrester narrowed down the top nine software trends in 2023 with recommendations for how tech executives can keep pace. Automation through AI and maximizing the value of SaaS products will drive software investments over the coming year.

According to the Forrester report, “Despite the healthy overall picture, the software industry will be under pressure from changes in investment capital, pressure on profits and rising customer scrutiny on purchases due to economic factors.”

Forrester projects that software will continue on a similar growth trajectory that it experienced in 2022. However, shifts in the investor community will put more pressure on profits, not just on growth.

In this report you’ll learn:

  • How the shift to SaaS is impacting legacy laggards
  • How selling and marketing approaches will shift to accommodate increased pressure on profits
  • Why next-gen AI technologies need to become core capabilities
  • How sustainability metrics reporting will shift over 2023

With every major enterprise suite now trying to be a viable option for their clients to build an automation fabric around, buyers should choose carefully and think about the long-term overall strategy—not just one-off wins.

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