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2022 Retail Site Navigation & Personalisation Report

IMRG Site Personalization eBook

Are you getting the most out of your online store?

The Site Navigation & Personalisation Report by IMRG and Lucidworks features primary research conducted across 1000 UK consumers and IMRG’s retail network, uncovering the state of search, site navigation and personalisation in 2022.

Discover how consumers search for items, their experience of site navigation and personalisation and how well retailers are succeeding at simplifying the search and discovery consumer journey. Benchmark your site search conversion against the UK average and see the impact of search across the customer funnel.

Read the report and discover:

  • Why onsite search is vital to the retail product discovery journey
  • How consumers respond to poor search experiences
  • Why visitors using site search should be your most profitable customers
  • How you as a retailer can get the most out of site search and navigation

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