Connected Search

Get your s**rch together.

Give your website the best site search available with a fast, easy-to-use platform that you can manage yourself.

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Fix it, once and for all

You can search the world’s knowledge – every website! – from the phone in your pocket. Visitors to your website expect the same instant, accurate results when they are searching for things on your site. Connected Search makes it possible to deliver the best search results without needing to be a search nerd.


Connected Search grabs any public site or authenticated document repository with blazing fast indexing that crawls, indexes, and searches thousands of docs in minutes. Your unique mix of site content and file types is available so results are always fresh, complete, and – most importantly — relevant.

Zero IT needed

Stop begging for nerds. Connected Search is a cloud-based with nothing to install or download. Once you log in, your site search can be ready in minutes with our streamlined, easy-to-follow setup and speedy indexing.

Best search results right out of the gate

Connected Search gives you superior results from the very first search. Integrated deep learning models figure out intent and serve up the most relevant content for each individual user. Guided workflows let anyone on your team adjust and improve relevance without guesswork, code, or expense.

Smarter search starts here

Work smarter, not harder. Lucidworks Connected Search comes with everything you need to create the relevant experiences your visitors expect—without the do-it-yourself headache.

Show ROI with instant analytics

Analytics and dashboards uncover opportunities to serve your site visitors and content more effectively. Show the impact and prove the value of site search with industry-leading metrics and KPI reporting.

Put this here, put that there

Fine-tune search results and see the impact of relevancy tuning before your users do. Our experience optimizer lets you add, update, and preview relevancy rules with a drag-and-drop UI. Get it the way you want, then push it live.

Adaptive relevancy

What your users do on your site is the best asset for the best search. Our machine learning continuously improves search results automatically, revealing what’s trending, what’s popular, and even recommended content.

Intelligent typeahead

Suggest search results as soon as they start typing. Connected Search it immediately starts connecting users to what they’re looking for.

Fix misspellings on-the-fly

We love typos. Automatic synonym detection and spell check correct and suggest as users type so they get what they want - even when they make mistakes.

Push-button AI (sans Skynet)

Connected Search includes powerful AI and machine learning, delivered through guided workflows that anyone on your team can use. With the push of a button, give your users high-quality, relevant results—no code or PhD or T1000 required.

Let’s make it happen

Start serving your site’s citizens with the superior sizzling site search they expect.