Call Me Maybe: SolrCloud, Jepsen, and Flaky Networks

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Slot Machine

Economic Stimulus from Washington: Prizes for Stumping The Chump!

Most of the time, if you see “Washington”, “November” & “$” in the same article, you are probably reading about Elections, Campaign Finance Reform, Super-PACs, Attack Ads, and maybe even…
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Podcast: Solr Usability with Steve Rowe & Tim Potter

Lucene/Solr Committers Steve Rowe and Tim Potter are back on SolrCluster to discuss how Lucidworks and the community are making changes and improvements to Solr to increase usability and add…
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Supreme Court US 2010

Stump The Chump D.C.: Meet The Panel

If you haven’t heard: On November 13th, I’ll be back in the hot seat at Lucene/Solr Revolution 2014 answering tough Solr questions — submitted by users like you — live,…
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Stump the Chump is Coming to D.C.!

In just under a month, Lucene/Solr Revolution will be coming to Washington D.C. — and once again, I’ll be in the hot seat for Stump The Chump. If you are…
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Introducing Our Solr Connector for Couchbase

You already know that Lucidworks has connectors and plugins to integrate with dozens of data sources like Amazon S3 buckets, Hadoop filesystems and clusters, FTP sites, Azure blobs, cloud storage…
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Pivot Facets: Inside and Out

Solr 4.10 will be released any minute now, and with it comes the much requested distributed query support for Pivot Faceting (aka: SOLR-2894). Today we have a special guest post…
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Infographic: Code Bless America! Developer Salaries Across the US

Our team of crack cartographers took a gander at the latest occupational stats from the US Bureau of Labor to redraw the map of Developer Nation and see who’s sittin’…
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Podcast: Large Scale Solr Deployment at AOL

This week, the SolrCluster team is joined by Rishi Easwaran from the AOL mail team. AOL has been known for their large-scale Solr deployment, with over 150B documents and 1.2B…
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Important Security Notice: Parsing Untrusted Microsoft Office Files With "Solr Cell"

The Lucene PMC has issued an important security announcement regarding how some Solr users may be vulnerable to recently fixed exploits (CVE-2014-3529 and CVE-2014-3574) in Apache POI — An open…
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