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Hey, You Got Your Facets in My Stats! You Got Your Stats In My Facets!!

Solr has supported basic “Field Facets” for a very long time. Solr has also supported “Field Stats” over numeric fields for (almost) as long. But starting with Solr 5.0 (building…
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Well Tempered Clavier Prelude No. 1 in C Major

The Well Tempered Search Application – Prelude

What’s wrong (or needs to be fixed) with Search and Why? At Lucidworks, we like to say “Search is the Killer App”. In reality not all search applications kill, many…
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Configuring a Fusion JDBC Connector Using SSL

Setting up a new connector in Lucidworks Fusion that utilizes this method of encryption is easy, if not straightforward.


Solr 2014: A Year In Review

The last few years have seen Apache Solr move at a reasonably aggressive pace. 2013 marked the debut of SolrCloud: a newly architected, truly distributed mode of Solr. 2014 saw…
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Podcast: Solr 5 Preview

Solr committers Anshum Gupta and Tim Potter join SolrCluster host Yann Yu to discuss the upcoming release of Solr 5. Anshum, who is also the release manager for Solr 5,…
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Podcast: Jepsen, SolrCloud, and the CAP Theorem with Shalin Mangar

This week, the SolrCluster team caught up with Solr committer, Shalin Mangar, for a follow-up discussion to his recent blog post, Call Me Maybe: SolrCloud, Jepsen, and Flaky Networks. Shalin…
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Call Me Maybe: SolrCloud, Jepsen, and Flaky Networks

TL;DR; We tested SolrCloud against bridge, random transitive, and fixed transitive network partitions using Jepsen and found no data loss issues for both compare-and-set operations and inserts. One major and…
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Noob* Notes: Fusion First Look

This is a record of my coming up to speed on Fusion, starting from zero.  I’ve just joined the Lucidworks team to write documentation and develop demos.   I’d like…
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Infographic: Gender Gap – Women in Technology

Women that choose careers in technology and other STEM fields are pivotal to technological innovation but they are increasing relegated to the sidelines inside their own organizations. Here’s a snapshot…
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Solr on YARN

Solr on YARN

One of the most important evolutions in the big data landscape is the emergence of best-of-breed distributed computing frameworks. Gone are the days where every big data problem looks like…
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