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Indexing custom JSON data

Solr already supports update requests in JSON format. But it supports only Solr json format and not your own custom JSON. Now (with SOLR-6304 , version 4.10 onwards ), Solr supports any JSON…
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Solr Jobs Survey 2014

Every day, we hear from companies looking to hire Solr talent. Recruiters have lots of questions about how to find and hire the right developers and engineers with the right…
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Podcast: Steve Rowe, What’s New in Solr

Steve Rowe, Lucene/Solr Committer, PMC Member and Lucidworks Sr. Engineer, joins the SolrCluster team for a follow up discussion to the webinar he was recently featured in. Steve talks about…
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Solution for multi-term synonyms in Lucene/Solr using the Auto Phrasing TokenFilter

In a previous blog post, I introduced the AutoPhrasingTokenFilter. This filter is designed to recognize noun-phrases that represent a single entity or ‘thing’.  In this post, I show how the…
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Automatic Phrase Tokenization: Improving Lucene search precision by more precise linguistic analysis

Search Engine Algorithm – Tokenization and Inverse MappingAll search engines work by dividing textual content into lexical chunks or “tokens” and then “inverse mapping” those tokens back to the documents…
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Podcast: Tim Potter on the Solr Scale Toolkit

This week, we have Tim Potter, Senior Engineer at LucidWorks, Solr Committer and co-author of Solr in Action, back on the show. Tim shares with us his experience working with…
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Lucene/Solr Revolution 2014: Community Voting Ends June 30

As you may know, Community Voting for Lucene/Solr Revolution 2014 is up and running. We are pleased with the level of engagement we’ve seen so far in regards to this…
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Podcast: Project Blacklight, Hydra and Libraries in the Digital Age

On this week’s episode of SolrCluster, the team talks about Project Blacklight—an open source, front-end, discovery interface for Apache Solr—and how Blacklight is now a part of Project Hydra, a…
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End-to-end Payload Example in Solr

Payloads are neat, but where’s a complete example for Solr? I’ve been a bit frustrated whenever I discuss payloads in Solr by the lack of an example I could find…
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Introducing the Solr Scale Toolkit

SolrCloud is a set of features in Apache Solr that enable elastic scaling of distributed search indexes using sharding and replication. One of the hurdles to adopting SolrCloud has been…
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