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Across the Fortune 500 and around the world, Lucidworks powers solutions for companies of all sizes and industries:

We saw a 50-60% increase in conversions just from turning on Fusion.”

Jacob Wagner

Director of IT - Content, Bluestem Brands


The Path to Universal Search - Allstate Insurance Company


Evolving to Open: Adopting Apache Solr for the Red Hat Customer Portal

Fusion gave us the features we needed to replace Google Search Appliance in a matter of weeks. With Fusion’s out-of-the-box capabilities, we skipped months in our dev cycle so we could focus our team where they would have the most impact. We cut our licensing costs by 50% and improved application usability. The Lucidworks professional services team amplified our success even further. We’re all Fusion from here on out!”

Lourduraju Pamishetty

Senior IT Application Architect, Infoblox

Lucidworks Fusion is essential to our search strategy. The platform provides the enterprise capabilities we need to quickly build and deploy apps, while still taking full advantage of the power of Solr.”

Sacha Clark

CEO and Founder Mulsanne Management LTD

With Lucidworks and Solr, we are able to get the most out of our Hadoop investment. Both candidates and recruiters use our search applications to find the right match aligned to their specific needs. Lucidworks has transformed the way we use search across the organization to ensure every customer's success.

Clifford Barnes VP,

Global Program Director, AT&T


Building a Solr-Driven Web Portalfor Harvard Business School

Our recommendation engine was originally built on Lucene. Lucidworks Fusion provided the UI, security, and support we needed to make the move to Solr while minimizing our dependency on IT resources. With our initial success using Solr and Lucidworks, we're moving all of our search applications to Fusion.

Andrew HecoxManager

Software Engineering, Redhat

Twigkit’s out of the box support for mobile, combined with their emphasis on user experience made them the right choice for Hays. We’re now able to offer our global candidates a powerful, user friendly search experience to help them land their dream role. The Twigkit team delivered a large, complex solution in weeks (rather than months).

Manoj Agarwal

Systems Integration Director, Hays

This improved relevance and slashed the time it took to serve results by up to 90%. The search became so fast that we actually had a user interface challenge: clients didn't notice that the results had updated!”

Steve Nuttall

Head of Product Development, Mintel

We index over 3 billion email documents with thousands of active users. When we moved from FAST to Lucidworks, we reduced our number of servers by a factor of six. It used to take 3-4 hours to deploy a new node, now it's just five minutes. Solr's ad hoc schema changes gives us the flexibility to rapidly deploy new features to our customers. Lucidworks was crucial in helping our team design, plan and execute our Solr deployment so our customers saw a minimum amount of downtime and an increased relevance of their search results.”

Toni Guckert,

Director of Engineering
Dell Email Management & Alertfind Services

We have a hyper-focus on performance. Fusion gave us a complete platform for delivering fast, scalable search, with many of the capabilities we needed out-of-the-box, ready to use.”

Paul Mello, Director of Special Projects


Fusion is exactly what we needed: World-class search delivered before lunch!

Jerry Gray, IT Manager

County of Sacramento

GSA Advantage now provides over 44 million products and services online from over 20 thousand vendors. Our users expect the accuracy of Google and the ease-of-use of Amazon. We've seen very positive results within just the first few months of our implementation. Lucidworks gave us great support and expertise needed to migrate our systems from IDOL to Solr in under 90 days, inside a pretty complex infrastructure.”

Keith Machen

Ecommerce Division Director, GSA IT


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