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Accelerate seamless information retrieval for end-users when they need it with website search from Lucidworks Fusion.

Ensure users find the most relevant information and discover even more along the way

Site search from Lucidworks Fusion ensures visitors can find information or products they need without hassle. Our website search platform is easy to use, understanding of the context of data on your site, and responsive to users’ engagements, leading to a more personalized search experience. Fusion is the site search solution for many industries, such as financial services, healthcare, and more.


Go beyond keyword retrieval

Lucidworks Fusion’s machine learning can understand the context of the data and documents of your site so it’s easier to find exactly what a user wants. Deliver high-quality site search results quickly by uncovering the intent behind contemporary queries and applying user insights to improve relevance over time continuously.


Easy-to-tune, no-code relevance

When machine learning can’t figure it out, take an easy approach to manually curating business relevancy rules. You shouldn’t need extra training or to involve your IT department, simply arrange results freely or boost, block, pin, or bury items all from a drag-and-drop interface.


Enable proactive content discovery

Extends the power of content beyond the search bar by capturing and applying insights around user behavior to show users what they might be looking for before they even start typing. Create a richer user experience that powers recommendations based on popular and trending—in addition to related content and queries that is unique to a user’s taste and preferences.


Transform static navigation to personalized browse experiences

Minimize user effort in finding the correct information by getting the right facets, navigation menus, and rich content to them—immediately once they land on your site. Automate rankings for browse components on your site by combining signal metadata with parameters and context important to each site visitor.

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Learn More About Dynamic, Personalized Search Experiences

Dynamic Site Search

Intelligent Website Search

Fusion dynamically searches a website’s indexed content and generates results that are relevant to the query.


Fusion’s typeahead is the use of machine learning algorithms to suggest search terms and phrases in real-time as a user types in a search query.


Fusion website search can increase engagement and conversions by promoting popular or trending topics or products based on real-time analysis of user behavior and preferences.

Dynamic Browse Experiences


Site search tools use dynamic recommendations to suggest content or products that are similar to those that the user has already viewed or purchased.


Fusion’s search platform uses signal metadata and machine learning algorithms to optimize the navigation experience, including dynamic content, facets and categories.

Landing Pages

Fusion uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate or personalize landing pages based on user behavior and preferences.

Explore More Key Features

Dynamic landing pages

Set product and content zones on pages and let the platform do the rest so pages update on-the-fly to provide the most engaging experiences.


Take advantage of multiple out-of-the-box recommendation models to accelerate different portions of the shopping journey and always show the right products at the right time.

On-site Search

Deploy multiple out-of-the-box recommendation models to accelerate different portions of the shopping journey and always surface the right products at the right time.


Case Studies

Northwell Health

Northwell Health's physician finder uses Fusion to provide patients with a digital-commerce-grade customer experience.

Morgan Stanley

Dipendra Malhotra, Head of Analytics, Intelligence, and Data Technologies at Morgan Stanley, discusses optimizing content for search.

Advantage Performance Group

Advantage Performance Group quickly improved its site search with typeahead, faceting, filtering, and featured images.


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