Fusion 2.0 Now Available – Now With Apache Spark!

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Preliminary Data Analysis with Fusion 2: Look, Leap, Repeat

Lucidworks Fusion is the platform for search and data engineering. In article Search Basics for Data Engineers, I introduced the core features of Lucidworks Fusion 2 and used it to…
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Search Basics for Data Engineers

Lucidworks Fusion is a platform for data engineering, built on Solr/Lucene, the Apache open source search engine, which is fast, scalable, proven, and reliable. Fusion uses the Solr/Lucene engine to…
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Top 5 Open Source Natural Language Processing Libraries

Lucidworks CTO Grant Ingersoll’s latest column on Opensource.com gives you a rundown on five of the most popular and powerful open source projects for taming text and processing natural language…
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Indexing Performance in Solr 5.2 (now twice as fast)

About this time last year (June 2014), I introduced the Solr Scale Toolkit and published some indexing performance metrics for Solr 4.8.1. Solr 5.2.0 was just released and includes some…
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Query Autofiltering Extended – On Language and Logic in Search

Spock: The logical thing for you to have done was to have left me behind. McCoy: Mr. Spock, remind me to tell you that I’m sick and tired of your…
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Lucidworks Fusion Now Available in AWS Marketplace

While it’s been easy to download and install Fusion on your own machine, we’ve worked with Amazon Web Services to offer it pre-installed on Amazon Machine Images, so it’s even…
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Data Analytics using Fusion and Logstash

Lucidworks Fusion 1.4 now ships with plugins for Logstash. In my previous post on Log Analytics with Fusion, I showed how Fusion Dashboards provide interactive visualization over time-series data, using…
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Mean Request timing for the 'long' field (cropped)

Efficient Field Value Cardinality Stats in Solr 5.2: HyperLogLog

Following in the footsteps of the percentile support added to Solr’s StatsComponent in 5.1, Solr 5.2 will add efficient set cardinality using the HyperLogLog algorithm. Basic Usage Like most of…
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