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Lucidworks Fusion enables government agencies of all sizes to deliver mission-critical search capabilities with powerful, proven technology.

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See how the County of Sacramento uses Fusion to create search apps that give county residents access to billions of documents and records..


See how the federal agency partnered with Lucidworks to deliver a solution that was fast, scalable, responsive, and relevant.


Solutions for Government Agencies

Develop and deploy solutions faster with Lucidworks Fusion -
 including 24/7 support and SLA for Solr.

Developing the basic functionality of your search applications can gobble up a lot of your project’s timeline, leaving you with less runway to develop the features specific to your business needs. Fusion comes with mission-critical features like connectors, enrichment services, relevancy tuners, and recommenders ready to go.

At a glance

  • Out-of-the box capabilities that cut development time from years to months
  • 24/7 SLA and support available from the same people that created Solr
  • Scale to billions of documents with dozens of data sources with less hardware
  • Serve millions of concurrent users with sub-second response time

React faster and smarter with a solution that searches everything
 and runs anywhere.

Deploy enterprise search solutions that query across all your data sources and data types including records, research, and PDFs to answer questions and leverage tribal knowledge. Fusion helps you present the most relevant insights for every query with a system that is continuously learning how best to serve each and every user - and manual curation when you need it.

At a glance

  • Help employees get access to the documents they need to take the next best action
  • Scale to billions of documents with dozens of data sources with less hardware
  • Deploy powerful AI to auto-classify and cluster topics and documents to provide context and insight

Detect and investigate fraudulent activity and ensure regulatory compliance, from one unified view.

Lucidworks Fusion gives analysts a powerful interface to create and share dashboards, setup alerts and notifications, and rapidly drill down into data to investigate anomalies and events. Fusion enriches your logs with contextual information by joining data from databases, filesystems, email servers, and other disparate sources.

At a glance

  • Implement complete information access across
 the organization for all your data
  • Verify adherence to organizational and regulatory data retention and access policies
  • Detect fraud and other anomalies across millions of log entries and documents

Lucidworks Fusion is your faster, cheaper, better replacement for GSA.

When Google dropped their search appliance from the market, thousands of companies were left stranded and scrambling to find a replacement. Lucidworks Fusion provides essential functionality with advanced controls for better relevancy and signal processing for a richer search experience – all at a more affordable price point.

At a glance

  • Lower licensing costs by up to 60% compared to Google Search Appliance – with an unlimited document count
  • Connect to all of your existing data sources, even custom-written connectors
  • Better user experience with higher quality search results that continuously improve
  • Feature parity with GSA plus the advanced capabilities your users expect
  • Fast migration and replacement in a matter of weeks

On-prem, cloud,
hybrid, everywhere.

And like all our solutions, our applications for government agencies can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud,
or on hybrid architectures so you choose the deployment model that best fits your agency’s security and operational requirements.

The US General Services Administration provides procurement and access to 44 million products from 20 thousand vendors to federal agencies across the US. With Lucidworks Fusion, they were able to move from HP’s IDOL to a faster, leaner application that provides faster response rates and higher relevancy. Users expect the accuracy of Google and the ease-of-use of Amazon and Fusion helped the team deliver a better user experience. The team migrated the entire search application from HP’s IDOL to Lucidworks in just 90 days.

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