Delightful search experiences
in the moment

Powering the future of customer experience.


Our company

Lucidworks solutions continuously interpret interactions and intent across channels, connecting customers and employees with the relevant, real-time results they’ve come to expect wherever (and however) they engage with modern brands.

Our vision

To delight people by making it easy for anyone to find what they need in the moment and predicting what they need next.

How we do it

Delighting customers and employees means understanding how each individual’s past actions inform others’ present needs.

To deliver this unique capability, Lucidworks products bring together data from all customer and employee touchpoints, anywhere throughout an organization, on a web application, or from third-party cloud apps, to illuminate context and interpret intent—and does so at massive scale.

Lucidworks helps organizations across every industry delight their customers and employees while simplifying the experience of finding answers. Our products seamlessly connects users to one another, so they’re empowered to make better decisions and have informed interactions, based on the collective consciousness of relevant users and by predicting an individual’s intent.