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Accelerate Your Search Experience Using Generative AI

Deploy impactful generative AI-based experiences easily, securely,
and effectively with Lucidworks AI solutions.

Lucidworks AI

Lucidworks Platform with Lucidworks AI now includes integration capabilities for all generative AI and large language models (LLMs).

Recent Gen AI tools such as Open AI’s ChatGPT and Google’s make AI search capabilities even more accessible and create new opportunities to build best-in-class digital experiences.

Here’s what Lucidworks AI can do:

  • Integrate with any LLM to reduce time-to-value and seamlessly incorporate the most advanced Gen AI technologies
  • Provide the necessary guardrails and enrichments—security trimmings, data enrichment, content exclusion, and merchandising optimization—while providing the most value from the latest AI technologies
  • Enhance LLMs with centralized pre-trained embeddings to cultivate deeper contextual understanding between a user’s search intent and relevant documents within a vector space

Lucidworks AI grounds large language models (LLMs) in truth and capitalizes on generative AI to improve search experiences through the following ways:

ML Operations Application

Manage LLMs easily from a centralized place. Lucidworks AI enables enterprises to power generative AI features—such as LLM-powered summaries, retrieval augmented generation, and more.

Gen AI Execution Capabilities

Solve complex use cases with Lucidworks AI’s search enrichment packages. These packages include solutions for—but not limited to— B2B commerce, booking and navigation, case deflection, and knowledge mining.

Security and Guardrails

Validate generative AI responses against credible sources. Lucidworks AI empowers clients with extensive control around security, data enrichment, content exclusion, merchandising, and experience optimization.

Education and Guidance

Lucidworks has over 10 years of experience handling diverse large-scale models. A Lucidworks partnership includes AI expert services, model training, best practices, AI benchmarking, and our S.T.A.R. governance standard.

It’s Easy to Find Applications for Gen AI Applied to Search

There are a multitude of Gen AI use cases for search and browse improvement. Lucidworks can help find one that’s right for you.

“Lucidworks grounds LLM responses in the truth.”

— Eric Redman, Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics

Lucidworks AI’s Underpinning Technologies

Centralized, Pre-Trained Embeddings

Lucidworks’ pre-trained embedding models are one of the best open-source embeddings available. When integrated with LLMs, clients achieve higher recall retrieval for retrieval augmented generation.

Neural Hybrid Search

Neural Hybrid Search is Lucidworks’ unique search methodology that integrates with Semantic Vector Search and Lexical Search to fulfill desired search outcomes in commerce and the workplace.

LLM Integrations

Through the Lucidworks Platform, Lucidworks AI can utilize popular LLMs from OpenAI, Google, Hugging Face, and many more.

Own Your Data While Using Generative AI Securely

Access the latest ML and LLM innovations as they come out

Avoid painstaking upgrades by accessing the latest generative AI innovations as they come out

Deliver consistent brand experiences across channels

Create consistent, seamless experiences for desktop, mobile, and tablet experiences

Cost control the use of generative AI technology

Achieve economies of scale using Lucidworks AI-managed environment as a bridge to available LLM providers

Fortify privacy and security

Keep company data completely confidential to interact with LLM providers

Build confidence in Gen AI responses with pipeline configurability

Filter out non-credible sources and enhance engineering with configurable guardrails to index and query pipelines

Stay relevant with the most accurate, up-to-date information

Dynamically index new information as it’s created and boost accordingly using automation

Lucidworks “S.T.A.R.” Standard for Generative AI


  • Extract data from Large Language Model and remove public access
  • Use real time joins of authorization levels to control employee access
  • Calculate “Risk Rating” based on search, data, and response signals


  • Highlight key tokens used to drive response selection
  • Enable user weighting of most important variables
  • Set appropriate use case “temperature”
  • Rank responses to select, save, and index best outputs


  • Employ Reflective or Adversarial Models to triangulate correct response
  • Return citations & source material backlinks
  • Rank output based on validity signals


  • Leverage Local & Lean models for fastest response times
  • Use query routing to choose most cost- effective information source
  • Query caching to decrease latency and increase savings

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Generative AI 101


  • LLM: “Large Language Model” collection of massive amounts of ingested information
  • Foundation Model: Pre-built large language model (commercial or open source)
  • Transformer: Underlying statistical engine that powers the language model


  • Prompt: The human or machine-generated input request to the model
  • Vectors: Hundreds of numerical dimensions representing each word or concept
  • Embeddings: Data that is put into the language model in Vector format


  • Grounding: Mitigating risk using approaches such as retrieval augmented generation (RAG)
  • Tuning: Using a training set of sample data to teach the model to work
  • Weighting: “Black box” of billions of statistical coefficients used in models’ inner workings

Lucidworks Accolades

A Leader

Lucidworks was named a leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

391% ROI

Forrester Total Economic Impact for Lucidworks 2023: $13.9M net present value, <6 months payback


of documents indexed

5 out of 10

50% of the top U.S. online retailers use Lucidworks

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