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AI-Powered Search and Product Discovery

Lucidworks makes any ‘search-and-find’ experience delightful, wowing buyers, users, and employees with real-time, hyper-relevant content.


Clients Using Lucidworks Can Expect Meaningful Improvements

When users search and browse, the results they get create the experiences they have. Lucidworks improves experiences by uncovering insights from user signals across touchpoints combined with artificial intelligence to accelerate search relevance.

  • Website search effectiveness
  • Merchandising success
  • B2B commerce efficiency
  • Ecommerce search and browse results
  • Data science impact
  • Content and document search results
  • Conversational AI impact
  • Customer service success
  • Knowledge management

Relevance Powers Great Experiences

Users search, browse, shop, and learn across various touchpoints and channels. Utilizing all that collective data the right way takes serious technology and expertise. Lucidworks leads the world in accelerating multi-touchpoint (omnichannel) relevance at scale. Lucidworks' out-of-the-box deep learning models interpret user intent behind modern, contemporary searches, so you can serve up the most relevant products and content for each individual user.

“Lucidworks has revolutionized the way we approach search and discovery.”

— David Lee, VP of Technology, Global Commerce Company

Lucidworks' Underpinning Technologies

  • Smart-Rank-Icon

    Lucidworks Smart Rank

    Lucidworks solutions are supported by Lucidworks’ product Smart Rank, which shortens the path to purchase using granular user signals—user context, location, affinity, and more—to connect buyers to items that align with their tastes and preferences.

    This out-of-box solution can be applied to the result, category, and navigation pages to influence conversion by ranking hyper-relevant products at the top of a list.

  • Signal-Icon

    Signal and Beacon Engines

    Lucidworks puts signals to work by capturing rich user clickstreams and metadata.

    Lucidworks collects signals and weighs signals to prioritize interactions and metadata to drive more precise relevance.

Lucidworks Advantages

Dynamic, Personalized Search Experiences

Personalization powered in real-time using signals and multi-channel data.

Dynamic Search

Intelligent Search

Lucidworks dynamically searches a website’s indexed content and generates results that are relevant to the query.


Lucidworks' typeahead is the use of machine learning algorithms to suggest search terms and phrases in real-time as a user types in a search query.


Lucidworks can increase engagement and conversions by promoting popular or trending topics or products based on real-time analysis of user behavior and preferences.

Dynamic Browse Experiences


Dynamic recommendations are used to suggest content or products that are similar to those that the user has already viewed or purchased.


Lucidworks Platform uses signal metadata and machine learning algorithms to optimize the navigation experience, including dynamic content, facets and categories.

Landing Pages

Lucidworks uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate or personalize landing pages based on user behavior and preferences.

Search Platform Built for Large Enterprises

AI, natural language processing, and data connectors extract insights from data across the enterprise.

AI-Based Search and Scale

Lucidworks uses structured and unstructured data, product views or catalogs, and customer interactions to understand user’s context and intent and provide relevant search results.

Lucidworks supports agile and configurable technology where every component is pluggable, scalable, replaceable, and continuously improved to meet evolving business requirements.

Lucidworks addresses multi-language, multi-cultural searches in over 70 languages, including language detection, query support, and contextualization.

Enterprise Features and Deployment

Front-end applications allow users to interact with the search and analytics capabilities of Lucidworks, including configuration, visualization changes, and integration with existing enterprise systems.

Cloud Search: a SaaS solution hosted in the cloud and fully managed by Lucidworks.

Self-Hosted Fusion: self-hosted solution on-premises or in a client cloud environment, installed and managed on the client’s own infrastructure and managed entirely by the client.

Organizations can monitor and measure the search performance through dashboards—including KPI dashboards—and customizable reports that help organizations track and analyze various KPIs.

Data Security and Integration

Lucidworks provides a range of security features that protect data and ensure compliance with industry standards including role-based accessed control and encryption.

Lucidworks offers a range of connectors that allow users to easily ingest and index data from various sources.

The Industry’s Most ‘Open’ Search Platform

Lucidworks offers enterprise-grade technology using open-source software to integrate with a variety of data sources and scale horizontally to handle large datasets.

AI-Based Search and Scale

Bring any data science model into Lucidworks to leverage existing investments, or utilize other models to create intelligent search and personalization solutions.

Investment-wise future-proofing capabilities such as flexible architecture, the ability to bring any model into Lucidworks, open standards, community and partner support, LLM management, AI, and is cloud-ready.

Native, Relevance Tuning Applications

Improve time-to-value with out-of-the-box and configurable native applications.

Managing the Search Experience

Personalize shopper experiences with merchandising technology that dynamically curates results, business rules, and page layouts with little-to-no coding effort or help from IT.

Empower your knowledge or workplace teams by allowing them to easily create engaging page layouts and relevancy rules with a drag-and-drop UI to tune relevancy with little to no coding effort.

Accelerate relevance for searching pricing and product catalog data at scale. When a search query is made, no extra database calls are required, and sorting, faceting, and filtering are search enabled.

Smart Controls

Eliminate zero-result pages and increase conversions with semantic vector search. No need to re-platform. No more zero results pages.

Extend your chatbot and virtual assistants to connect users to correct answers by understanding user intent and answering natural language questions.

Lucidworks Accolades

A Leader

Lucidworks was named a leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Search and Product Discovery

391% ROI

Forrester Total Economic Impact for Lucidworks 2023: $13.9M net present value, <6 months payback


of documents indexed for the world's biggest organizations

5 out of 10

50% of the top U.S. online retailers use Lucidworks

Case Studies

Crate & Barrel

With thousands of skus and millions of annual website visitors, matching a customer to the right product was a struggle, until Lucidworks ML began to assist.

Morgan Stanley

Dipendra Malhotra, Head of Analytics, Intelligence, and Data Technologies at Morgan Stanley, discusses optimizing content for search.


Learn how Lenovo personalized customers’ search results and improved relevancy with Lucidworks' machine learning capabilities and out-of-the-box tools.


Make Search A Superpower

Lucidworks uses advanced search and deep learning to make data easily accessible, helping people find what they need and discover even more. Contact us today to learn how Lucidworks can create a best-in-class experience for your customers, employees, and support agents.