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Accelerate paths to purchase and drive customer loyalty with personalized search and browse experiences

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Remove friction and deliver a buyer-specific purchasing experience with our B2B search solutions

Solve Data Problems, Improve Purchasing Experiences

Time is money for you and your customers. Getting buyers to the right products and content quickly is imperative. With online buyers expecting enhanced commerce functionality and ease of use, site search platforms are no longer nice-to-haves but table stakes for B2B success.

Unleash Lucidworks Fusion

Lucidworks’ B2B commerce solutions use the latest innovations in generatiive AI, semantic vector search, and machine learning. Automation is used to predict buyer intent and context instantly—dramatically reducing paths to purchase and immense maintence efforts.

Lucidworks Fusion B2B Site Search solves these problems with:

  • Custom catalogs and assortments
  • Complex pricing and inventory models
  • Entitlements and restrictions
  • NLP and semantic query parsing

Lucidworks Fusion Powers Product Discovery in B2B Manufacturing

Customize landing pages

Assemble landing pages to amplify unique customer agreements and relationships that drive additional revenue. Flexible and easy-to-use tools enable merchandisers to build static and dynamic landing pages featuring products, content, recommendations, and facets that leverage their expert domain knowledge and customer relationships.

B2C recommendations for B2B

Lucidworks has the proven models to get the right customers to the right products and content at the right time. Upsell, cross-sell, compatibility, similar products, and user- and query-specific models will ensure contextually relevant recommendations for every customer.

Facet management solved

Facets are one of the most valuable tools a shopper has to accelerate the path to purchase. Are you managing hundreds or thousands of different rules to control the facet experience across the site? Reduce the operational burden and remove friction with machine learning that presents the right facets in the right order at the right time.

Different—and Better—by Design

Fusion accelerates the success of B2B manufacturing use cases in several profound ways:

Specific searches and NLP

Lucidworks specializes in search strategies to support everything from specific part numbers to long winded queries. Natural language processing capabilities ensure that no matter how your customers search, they’ll quickly get to the most relevant products for them.

Relevant content integration

Branded content is an essential part of the conversion equation. Easily index content and enrich the product discovery experience to retain shoppers and deliver on brand value. Whether it’s to support queries directed at FAQs, drive relevant imagery, promote blogs, or integrate how-to’s specific to that context, Lucidworks delivers in a personalized and contextually relevant way.

Analytics & insights

Discover how different models are driving different experiences for different customers and incorporate signals about returned products and in-store purchases. Understand the opportunities in the product discovery funnel and deliver solutions with confidence. Configure informative reporting on experiments, product and query performance with extensibility to BI tools that puts the power in your hands.

Lucidworks Accolades

A Leader

Lucidworks was named a leader in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Search & Product Discovery.

391% ROI

Forrester Total Economic Impact for Lucidworks 2023: $13.9M net present value, <6 months payback


of documents indexed for the world's biggest organizations

5 out of 10

50% of the top U.S. online retailers use Lucidworks

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Streamline the path to purchase, guiding shoppers through a personalized experience.

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Dynamic Landing Pages

Set product and content zones on pages and let the platform to the rest so pages update on-the-fly to provide the most engaging experiences.

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Site Search

Accelerate seamless information retrieval for end-users when they need it.

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Make Search A Superpower

Lucidworks uses advanced search and deep learning to make data easily accessible, helping people find what they need and discover even more. Contact us today to learn how Lucidworks can create a best-in-class experience for your customers, employees, and support agents.

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