Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser lets you optimize the shopping experience with drag-and-drop ease.

Shoppers are finicky. Machines aren’t.

Merchandisers are always trying to figure out what shoppers are looking for before getting to their site. But tastes change and even the most savvy merchandisers have trouble keeping pace with the millions of digital signals that shoppers send every day. That’s why merchandisers need machine learning and real-time insights to ensure that they deliver the right product to the right shopper, at the right moment.

Empower Your Merchandisers

Lucidworks Predictive Merchandiser is the AI merchandising solution that optimizes search results and boosts product placement, automatically. Merchandisers can further curate the shopping experience through a visual interface, without having to rely on IT. Not only does AI enhance the quality of search results, it will also eliminates repetitive tasks, like maintaining mountains of business rules. This frees merchandiser to use their expertise and creativity to stay ahead of the competition.

Deep Insights

Deep Insights

As a digital retailer, your goal is to continuously increase sales. Predictive Merchandiser helps you understand which search terms convert into sales and reveals the big-picture trends in how digital shoppers shop.


Search Optimization

Decrease bounce rates and increase conversions by ensuring the right products are being delivered to shoppers. Automatic search rewrites fix poorly performing queries — and matches them with results that produce higher click-through rates.



Shoppers want to feel like one in a million—not one of a million. Predictive Merchandiser uses customer profiles and user signals to provide proactive, individualized recommendations for each and every customer.

Optimize, Personalize, Predict


Capture every search, click, add, purchase and customer-related event as it happens.


Understand and visualize customer behavior at both the statistical and individual levels.

Search Optimization

Fix poorly performing queries and manually or automatically improve results relevancy.

Rules When You Need Them

Apply different merchandising strategies to boost, block, bury and pin search results.


Use customer profiled data and the power of AI to make individualized recommendations to customers.


Test every change on a sampling of customers and visualize the results before you change your site.

Get Uniquely Personal

Give your merchandisers the tools they need to create the perfect shopping experience for every customer. Contact us today to learn how Fusion can help you and your team build a customer journey that dazzles shoppers and increases conversions.

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