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Wide Assortment Product Discovery Solutions

Context is everything when it comes to product discovery. Understand intent and deliver the right products every time.


Context is everything

Wide assortment sites have common words and phrases across all areas of the index, making it a challenge for most search engines to determine which products are important to shoppers. Don’t frustrate your shoppers with irrelevant type-ahead suggestions and off-context search results. Semantic Vector Search understands intent and context to retrieve contextually relevant products for every shopper. Remove the friction from product discovery and help accelerate the path to purchase.

Scalable and flexible merchandising

With thousands of categories and millions of products you might think it takes a village to deliver curated experiences to your shoppers. With merchandising tools it’s easy to create templates and build landing pages featuring relevant products and content that dynamically update based on different signals. Create custom landing pages and empower merchandisers to boost, pin, bury, add, and block products with drag and drop.

Facet management solved

Drowning in thousands of rules to manage facets and facet values across the site? Operationalize your facet strategy with machine learning. Get the right facets in front of your shoppers to encourage engagement and accelerate their path to purchase. With ML, facets will rerank based on parameters and contexts important to your business. Apply this strategy across the site and focus on the few pages that benefit from your teams’ expertise.

Analyze data and derive insights

Lucidworks opens up for easy access to all the data. Understand where the opportunities are and identify anomalies before they become trends. In addition to pre-configured analytics, the signal data can be exported to your favorite BI tool to slice and dice in ways important to your business. Hypothesize solutions, easily run experiments, and have confidence in your changes.

Personalized experiences

Poor personalization is painfully obvious. Shoppers expect quality individualized experiences from type ahead to search and browse pages, to recommendations and content. Collect signals from site, store, and any other channel and apply those insights to the product discovery journey online. Predict the next click to accelerate the path to purchase and increase AOV.

Zero results solution

Between shifts in product availability, evolving catalogs and a myriad of brands and product offerings, shoppers are often led to zero results pages when you actually have relevant products. Semantic Vector Search identifies the most relevant products for every search turning zero results into add-to-carts.

Personalized typeahead

First impressions are everything. Type-ahead is your chance to impress shoppers and accelerate the path to purchase. Shoppers who engage with type-ahead convert significantly higher than those who do not. Power intelligent type-ahead based on trending signals and individual session signals to accelerate the shopper to relevant products. Merchandise type-ahead experiences to maximize the value of machine learning and merchandiser expertise.

Connected commerce solutions for the world’s biggest retailers

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Lenovo increased search-driven revenue by 175% with Lucidworks

“We don’t have to go in and validate that the results are good; our customers are telling us the results are good.”

Marc Desormeau, Global Search Lead, Lenovo


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Crate and Barrel

“We’ve noticed a higher conversion rate. There’s an increase in add to carts and order value as we are continuing to serve up more relevant items to our customers.”

Aaron Veit, Director of Digital Product Management, Crate & Barrel


KÜHL climbs the summit to YoY
revenue growth

KÜHL offers an effortless shopping experience using segmentation and personalization backed by Lucidworks Commerce solutions.


Power Product Discovery and Customer Experience with Lucidworks

Help shoppers find relevant products, increase conversions, and keep your customers coming back.

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