Knowledge Discovery

Accelerate knowledge discovery and time to value for employees across the business


Empower employees to be more informed and productive

Centralize and distribute knowledge

Harness internal expertise to drive awareness of internal documents, assets, and resources by empowering knowledge teams with control over results, navigation, and page experiences. Encourage business and technical users to apply their knowledge using a friendly, intuitive interface to drive quicker time to value and engagement rates.

Minimize employee effort in finding new and historical knowledge

Effectively populating and arranging page zones with dynamic modules that minimize the effort for employees to discover assets and resources aligned to their job function. Arrange page zones with knowledge spotlights, recommendations, and trending content to drive awareness of internal items such as documents, content, resolutions, and more.

Minimize the effort for employees to find knowledge pertinent to their jobs

Give each team, across your business, its own dedicated page that dynamically pulls and circulates knowledge relevant to their line of work. Dramatically reduce the effort to modify internal wiki pages using an intuitive user interface to publish and configure both page types and relevancy rules.

Operationalize facet management with configurable machine learning

Get the right facets that are distinctive to each employee to encourage engagement and accelerate their path to purchase. Automate facet ranking based on parameters and contexts important to each shopper, by applying signal metadata and user insights, across touchpoints.

Explore Lucidworks Fusion

Personalization powered in real-time using signals and multi-channel data.

Dynamic Search

Intelligent Search

Fusion dynamically searches a website’s indexed content and generates results that are relevant to the query.


Fusion’s typeahead is the use of machine learning algorithms to suggest search terms and phrases in real-time as a user types in a search query.


Fusion can increase engagement and conversions by promoting popular or trending topics or products based on real-time analysis of user behavior and preferences.

Dynamic Browse Experiences


Dynamic recommendations are used to suggest content or products that are similar to those that the user has already viewed or purchased.


Fusion’s search platform uses signal metadata and machine learning algorithms to optimize the navigation experience, including dynamic content, facets and categories.

Landing Pages

Fusion uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate or personalize landing pages based on user behavior and preferences.

These solutions are supported by Lucidworks Smart RankTM, which shortens the path to purchase using granular user signals—user context, location, affinity, and more—to connect buyers to items that align with their tastes and preferences. This out-of-box solution can be applied to the result, category, and navigation pages to influence conversion by ranking hyper-relevant products at the top of a list.

Explore More Key Features

Smart Answers

Deflect HR and IT tickets and encourage self-service with chatbots and virtual assistants that automatically learn and answer frequent questions.

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Advanced Linguistics

Get indexing and tokenization in more than 30 non-English languages and advanced entity extraction for 19 languages.

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Unified view of content

One search across all internal data sources, including intranet network drives, knowledge bases, cloud storage, and data from systems of record.

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