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Experience Optimizer

Create engaging employee experiences with minimal effort

Empower your knowledge teams by allowing them to easily create engaging page layouts and relevancy rules with a drag-and-drop UI.

Tune relevancy with little to no coding effort

Deliver relevant results with drag-and drop ease. Simply arrange result assortments or pin, boost, block, or bury specific resources to tune relevancy for particular search terms or category pages.

Drive quicker time to value and higher engagements

Connect employees with assets relevant to their role and responsibilities before they even search for them by using signal-driven recommendations. Optimize page zones to surface trending, frequently searched, or similar content recommendations.

Create and publish page templates with ease

Independently arrange, save, and publish page layouts without any help from IT. Take advantage of an interactive template manager to power your knowledge teams so they can creatively optimize resource experiences.

Knowledge management features

Increase findability and productivity by making knowledge discovery more personal.


Analyze and aggregate user behaviors and signal tracking to deliver AI-powered recommendations.

Search relevancy

Boost and block documents like holiday schedules and HR policies when that information is in high demand (or out of date).

Expert finder

Allow employees to quickly find colleagues with the expertise they need to know to get the job done and keep tribal knowledge from getting lost.

Website Search SmartAnswers

Unified view of content

One search across all internal data sources, including intranet network drives, knowledge bases, cloud storage, and data from systems of record.


Financial services

Optimize customer relationship management, fraud detection, and asset management.


Capture, manage, and access information efficiently and securely within and between agencies.


Increase profitability and decrease customer churn with self-service systems that scale data across your organization.

Enterprise technology

Scale and connect data across complex organizations to drive innovation and flexibility.

Higher education

Access information across subject matter experts and easily scale systems.

Health and pharma

Optimize the use of search applications in R&D and clinical trials.

Oil and gas

Get effective knowledge management for unique supply chains, multilingual employee information, and complex data.


Streamline and maintain these complex systems for supply chain and inspection knowledge.

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