Simplified Pricing for Comprehensive Search Solutions

Lucidworks removes complexity from pricing to help you focus on results.

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It’s All Included

Lucidworks has simplified pricing to make it easy for you and your organization to get up and running quickly and realize value quickly. We include all the products of the Lucidworks Platform in every deal, so there’s no haggling about an additional module here or a new product there.

Our pricing approach is designed to offer you a predictable growth path, helping you scale quickly as needed, and always providing you with the best possible solution set for transforming digital experiences with precision. You get best-in-class solutions like semantic vector search and intelligent browsing, discovery, merchandising, smart chat, and more.

We Propose the Right Solution For Your Needs

We want to

  • talk about your business goals
  • provide clarity about the process moving
  • share recommended best practices and program sizing for your success.

From shopper engagement, customer service, to employee productivity, Lucidworks cloud solutions come in multiple packages to meet your organization’s search, browse, and discovery needs. We help organizations all over the world every day connect real-time insights from anywhere to apply them everywhere to create better experiences in the moment.

Lucidworks for Commerce

Achieve higher AOV and cart conversions by making the most of your user signals

  • Create dynamic site experiences that drive brand loyalty
  • Scale AI-powered recommendations
  • Curate commerce pages with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI
  • Expand product assortments and reduce zero-result pages
  • Publish relevancy rules with no code
  • Create dynamic facets and filters with smart browsing options
  • Priced by requests per year (RPY)
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Lucidworks for the Workplace

Increase findability and unlock wisdom in your workforce

  • Scale AI-powered recommendations at scale
  • Create dynamic pages using an intuitive UI
  • Easily boost, block, bury, or pin results for specific search terms
  • Publish relevancy rules with no code
  • Surface assets that align to each employee’s goals and line of work
  • Priced by records indexed
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Make Search A Superpower

Lucidworks uses advanced search and deep learning to make data easily accessible, helping people find what they need and discover even more. Contact us today to learn how Lucidworks can create a best-in-class experience for your customers, employees, and support agents.