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Transform your e-commerce site search with tailored customer journeys created by our product search solutions.

AI-driven ecommerce merchandising software for a premier product search and discovery experience


Transform static navigation to personalized browse experiences

Minimize user effort in finding the correct information by getting the right facets, navigation menus, and rich content to them—immediately once they land on your site. Automate rankings for browse components on your site by combining signal metadata with parameters and context important to each shopper.


Prioritize expertise with configurable control over AI-powered relevance

AI automation significantly reduces operational burdens but won’t pivot immediately to accommodate shopper trends. Get ahead of seasonal and social trends by empowering business and technical users to apply their merchandising expertise using a friendly, intuitive interface or backend configurations.


Future-proof strategies connecting to popular commerce platforms

Avoid re-platforming conversations just to use the latest and greatest innovations in the market with Fusion’s connectivity to next-generation technologies. Bring any models and signals of other solutions into Fusion, with the freedom to configure them accordingly to your business strategies.


Scale growing books of business with dynamic pricing

Keep pace with your growing business with blazing-fast index updates to custom pricing and entitlements for products and services across your catalog. Drastically reduce latency around loading and scaling large pricing inventory and entitlements (permission views by role or level) while strengthening B2B experiences with control over what pricing contracts apply for each buyer group.

Lucidworks' Underpinning Technologies

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    Lucidworks Smart Rank

    Fusion solutions are supported by Lucidworks’ product Smart Rank, which shortens the path to purchase using granular user signals—user context, location, affinity, and more—to connect buyers to items that align with their tastes and preferences.

    This out-of-box solution can be applied to the result, category, and navigation pages to influence conversion by ranking hyper-relevant products at the top of a list.

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    Signal and Beacon Engines

    Lucidworks Fusion puts signals to work by capturing rich user clickstreams and metadata.

    Fusion collects signals and weighs signals to prioritize interactions and metadata to drive more precise relevance.

All Channels

Lucidworks improves the shopping experience everywhere by deploying federated search across products, content, images, video, reviews, files, documents, and self-service areas.

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Product Search Experiences

Dynamic Product Search

Intelligent Search

Fusion dynamically searches a website’s indexed content and generates results that are relevant to the query.


Fusion’s typeahead is the use of machine learning algorithms to suggest search terms and phrases in real-time as a user types in a search query.


Fusion can increase engagement and conversions by promoting popular or trending topics or products based on real-time analysis of user behavior and preferences.

Dynamic Browse Experiences


Dynamic recommendations are used to suggest content or products that are similar to those that the user has already viewed or purchased.


Fusion’s search platform uses signal metadata and machine learning algorithms to optimize the navigation experience, including dynamic content, facets and categories.

Landing Pages

Fusion uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automatically generate or personalize landing pages based on user behavior and preferences.

Explore More Key Features

Dynamic landing pages

Set product and content zones on pages and let the platform do the rest so pages update on-the-fly to provide the most engaging experiences.


Take advantage of multiple out-of-the-box recommendation models to accelerate different portions of the shopping journey and always show the right products at the right time.

On-site Search

Guide shoppers to assortments and content in more strategic ways that encourage product discovery and drive conversions.


Case Studies

Crate & Barrel

With thousands of skus and millions of annual website visitors, matching a customer to the right product was a struggle, until Lucidworks ML began to assist.


Learn how Lenovo personalized customers’ search results and improved relevancy with Lucidworks' machine learning capabilities and out-of-the-box tools.


KUHL offers an effortless shopping experience using segmentation and personalization backed by Fusion's machine learning.


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