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Dynamic, Personalized Ecommerce Search and Product Discovery Experiences

Today’s customers expect you to know them and help them along their shopping and buying journey. Lucidworks provides the most relevant and personalized ecommerce search and product discovery experience available today


Benefits of Our Ecommerce Search and Browse Tools

Grow online revenue

Overcome short attention spans with a solution powered by machine learning that understands shopper intent and personalizes the right products at the right time based on individual preferences.

Increase average order value

Present a richer product assortment across search results, product pages, and recommendations with a solution that enhances the entire buying journey and tailors products to individual wants and needs.

Empower your merchandisers

Respond to changes in buying behavior and optimize the ideal product assortment by easily tuning search results and boosting product placement. All through a low-code, intuitive user interface.

Enhance search with data science

Integrate machine learning models into search applications to help your ecommerce, search, and data science teams personalize customer experiences to drive sales and loyalty.

End zero-result searches

Make it easy for shoppers to find products with a solution that interprets natural language, identifies query intent, and populates webpages with the perfect product assortment.

Personalization that works

Provide exceptional shopping and discovery experiences that drive better ROI with dynamic, real-time intelligent search, navigation, facets, recommendations, landing pages, and other unique solutions powered by Lucidworks.

Commerce Features

Deliver superior shopping experience and increase conversions with AI and advanced deep learning

Shopper Intent

Use our predictive merchandiser tool to keep up with the millions of digital signals shoppers sent every day.

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Take advantage of multiple out-of-the-box recommendation models to show the right products in the moment and accelerate the shopping journey.

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On-site Search

Deploy multiple out-of-the-box recommendation models to accelerate different portions of the shopping journey and always surface the right products and the right time.

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Low-code Merchandising

Empower your merchandisers with a low-code interface that lets them create compelling product pages and experiences with a drag-and-drop interface and the ability to easily block, boost, and pin.

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Smart Answers

Make your chatbots and virtual assistants more intelligent with advanced deep-learning middleware that delivers immediate contextual answers to natural language questions.

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Never Null

Eliminate zero-result pages and increase conversions with semantic vector search as a cloud service that makes it easy for shoppers to find the products they want.

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Lucidworks + Google Cloud

Tap into Google's vast shopper behavioral intelligence to benefit digital retail experiences with Lucidworks. The new Google Cloud Retail Search integration combines Lucidworks' ability to enhance and experiment with Google's quality, long-tail precision.

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“We don’t have to go in and validate that results are good; our customers are telling us the results are good”

— Marc Desmormeau, Lenovo

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