Reduce painful manual work so your merchandisers can focus on strategic initiatives

Merchandisers are the vanguard of your digital retail business. They are expected to know what customers are looking for and surface the right products to the right customers at the right time. But even the most savvy merchandisers have trouble keeping pace with the millions of products and digital signals that shoppers send every day. Without flexible, scalable ecommerce merchandising software, your team is forced to spend numerous hours curating products manually while they could have focused on high-value, strategic initiatives.

A powerful feature of Lucidworks Fusion, Predictive Merchandiser provides an ecommerce merchandising interface for business users to gather insights and easily optimize search and browse grids, banners, and result relevancy. Machine learning and a no-code interface free your merchandisers from manually maintaining thousands of rules, allowing them to use their creativity and category knowledge to stay ahead of the competition.