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Never Null

Say goodbye to zero results searches

Eliminate zero-result pages and increase conversions with semantic vector search as a cloud service.

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Never Null, Fix Low-Performing Queries

Fix low-performing queries

Consistently deliver relevant results despite query misspellings and product variances. Improve shopper value and ATC conversions using automated machine learning models that detect low-performing queries and map them to high-scoring results that shoppers will love.

No need to re-platform

Never Null is a managed service that easily integrates with your existing search platform and commerce tech stacks. Skip the long implementation time and immediately take advantage of semantic vector search as a service to drive revenue.

No More Zero Results Pages

No more zero results pages

Expand your product catalog by populating search result pages with the perfect product assortment of precise and similar results. Help shoppers find the products they need by interpreting natural language and surfacing results aligned to their desires.

Powerful capabilities

Website Search SmartAnswers

Unified search experiences

Optimize employee experiences using an intuitive UI that connects them to assets and resources that align with their intent, goals, and line of work.

More effective agents

With instant access to related knowledge and cases, your agents spend less time searching, more time helping. All in one view.

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