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Never Null: Say Goodbye to Zero Results Searches

Increase conversions and eliminate zero results pages with semantic vector search as a cloud service.

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Connected product discovery for the world’s biggest retailers

Case Study: Death of the No Results Query

How one of the world’s top five retailers used Lucidworks Never Null to increase AOV by 28%.

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No More Zero Results Pages

No More Zero Results Pages

Shoppers expect to find the products they need with little effort. To do this, commerce companies need a solution that interprets natural language, identifies query intent, and populates web pages with the perfect product assortment – and never ever returns a zero results page.

No Need to Re-Platform

Never Null is a managed service that easily integrates with your existing search platform and commerce tech stacks. Skip the long implementation time and immediately take advantage of semantic vector search as a service to drive higher margins. And there’s no need to retool your metrics. Never Null uses the shopping behavior data and signals you are already tracking.

Never Null, No Need to Re-Platform
Never Null, Fix Low-Performing Queries

Fix Low-Performing Queries

Never Null uses powerful analysis and other advanced machine learning models to identify and rewrite low-performing queries. Improve shopper value and ATC conversions with automated query rewrites. Fixing these queries gives merchandisers the ability to consistently deliver relevant results despite query misspelling and product variance.

A/B Test and Experiment

Never Null combines A/B testing with semantic understanding to populate search result pages with a mix of precise and similar results. Precise results are pinned at the top of the search followed by products that align with a theme of the precise results at the bottom.

A/B Test and Experiment

Infographic: Survive the Cyber 5

5 ways for retailers to succeed during the biggest and busiest shopping weekend of the year

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Plug and Play Integration

Never Null integrates Fusion’s semantic vector search capabilities into your existing search platform with flexible APIs, encrypted data transfer, and standardized formats.

Head-Tail Analytics

Sophisticated head-tail analysis combines pre-trained ML models with your own signals and product catalog data to find and correct deadend search queries.

Best in Class Expertise

The Lucidworks team brings decades of online retail experience across multiple product categories. Take advantage of our advanced expertise to increase conversions and AOV.

Say Goodbye to Zero Results
On-Demand Webinar

Returning a “zero results” message to would-be shoppers means higher bounce rates, lower conversions, and frustrated visitors. Hear real-world stories about how top retailers solved their dreaded “null results” problem, from Forrester Analyst, Scott Compton, and Lucidworks GM of Digital Commerce, Peter Curran.

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Never Null Semantic Search Webinar

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