Two autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) navigate a warehouse aisle, demonstrating the power of generative AI in modern commerce operations to improve accuracy and efficiency.

About a year ago, I shared the power of Lucidworks and ChatGPT for enhanced search experiences. Since then, generative AI has exploded in popularity, and our customers are eager to know how it fits into their search and commerce strategies.

The good news? Integrating Lucidworks with generative AI is a game-changer. It brings two major wins to the table:

  1. Grounded Responses: No more ChatGPT letting customers buy a Chevy Tahoe for $1! Lucidworks ensures AI answers are grounded in truth, not guesses.
  2. Instant Summaries: Creating product descriptions and quick answers is a breeze with entity extraction, saving your shoppers and merchandisers precious time.

Watch the demo to learn how Lucidworks integrates generative AI to prevent costly mistakes and create a unified shopping experience.

Gen AI for Consumer Retail: Browsing Reimagined

Imagine your favorite wine shop, but with an AI sommelier. Our demo showcases how shoppers can ask natural language questions like “What are some low-calorie wines?” or “What are some high-end tequilas?” Here’s how the Lucidworks Platform works with generative AI to bring that AI sommelier to life: 

  • Guardrails: The AI won’t recommend products you don’t sell, keeping the experience relevant.
  • Semantic Understanding: Even “low budget wines” gets results, thanks to AI that understands intent, not just keywords.
  • Seamless Integration: Answers lead to product pages, and users can add items to their cart directly from the chat.
  • Personalized Insights: Each interaction teaches the AI about your customers, powering better recommendations down the line.

Lucidworks AI demo showcasing generative AI with guardrails in a wine sommelier setting.

Gen AI for B2B Commerce: Complex Products Made Simple

In B2B, buying decisions are high-stakes. Our demo with New Pig, a supplier for industrial spills and leaks, shows how generative AI helps.

  • On-the-Spot Answers: Customers can ask about product specs, materials, and more, right from the product page.
  • Accuracy is Key: The AI pulls information directly from product documentation, ensuring answers are correct and trustworthy.
  • Reduced Friction: No more digging through manuals or calling customer service – the information is right there.

A product details page for New PIG® Original Absorbent Sock showing a chat feature where a user asks about the length and composition of the product, and the generative AI chat bot provides answers, grounded in truth powered by Lucidworks AI.

Gen AI for Large Catalogs: Finding the Needle in the Haystack

When your catalog is massive, like it is in our Best Buy-inspired fridge demo, generative AI becomes your shopper’s personal assistant.

  • Beyond Keywords: Questions like “What’s the difference between French door and side-by-side?” are made easy by semantic search.
  • Entity Extraction Magic: The AI understands the key terms, filters the catalog accordingly, and even suggests relevant features (like “Wi-Fi enabled”) based on previous questions.
  • Smoother User Journeys: Shoppers find what they need faster, leading to more conversions and happier customers.

A screenshot of a product listing page for refrigerators on a retail website, powered by Lucidworks AI. The page features filter options for installation type and refrigerator type, along with a search bar and sorting options. Three refrigerator models are displayed, each with a brief description and image.

How Lucidworks Makes It Happen

LLM-Augmented Applications

We build search and browsing experiences that leverage the power of large language models (LLMs), giving your customers the answers they need.

Lucidworks Platform

Our platform powers it all — high-performance search, tools for your team, and total AI solutions with any LLM you choose (including open source options!).

Enhancements for the Gen AI Era

  • Grounding in Truth: We ensure AI answers are factual and reliable.
  • Entity Enrichment: We extract key terms to improve search and recommendations.
  • Facet Mapping: We connect AI-generated terms with your existing product filters.
  • Personalization: We help you deliver tailored experiences based on user interactions.

The image is a diagram that illustrates how Lucidworks enables next-generation findability using generative AI. It shows that the Lucidworks platform sits at the center of the solution, connecting to large language models (LLMs) like PALM, OpenAI, LLaMA, and Bloom. The platform also includes several enhancements for generative AI, such as entity enrichment, security/governance, personalization, and recommendations. These enhancements are then used to power LLM-augmented applications in commerce, customer service, and knowledge management. The diagram also shows the different components of the Lucidworks platform, such as the index, search, intent, app, and merchandising components.

Ready to unlock the power of Gen AI for your commerce?

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