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Make Better
Decisions with
Augmented Intelligence

Trusted by Some of the World's Largest Organizations

We Are (Finally) Liberated to Solve, Optimize, Delight, and Move the Business Forward

The best decisions come from weighing all the facts.

Lucidworks AI-powered search indexes everything — quickly.

But Machines are Lousy at:

  • Empathy
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Understanding Nuances

So you can have the machine present your experts with the best choices — and let them make the decision.

Machines Take Away Tedium – Freeing You to Think and Act Decisively

There’s nothing artificial about intelligence. There is human intelligence — and there is machine assistance. Here’s how they should work together.

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For Digital Commerce

“Tuning searches manually not only takes a long time to do, but once you’ve put in a manual curation rule, you have to maintain it as time goes on. A manual process is painful and just not sustainable. ” — Peter Curran, Cirrus10

  • Eliminates tedious query analysis
  • Decreases rules that negatively impact search
  • Lets you highlight your expertise

More About Digital Commerce

Augmented Intelligence Machines TakeAway Tedium Workplace 2 Across BG 800x507

For the Digital Workplace

“Most AI systems, like any computer system, are good at bulk handling. But, though exceptions can be detected, they cannot be properly handled. … in the end, exceptions should be handled by humans.”  (CapGemini)

  • Reduces irrelevant information
  • Eliminates the need for multiple logins
  • Reduces cycles cleaning data

More About Digital Workplace

Augmenting human intelligence with AI leverages both AI’s superhuman advantages and humans’ advantages over AI to quickly create substantial business value. - Forrester

Stop Frustrating Customers

Nearly ⅔ shoppers hate search experiences – here’s why – and what you can do to change it.

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Financial Advisors Woo Clients With AI

Managing portfolios of thousands of clients is tough. Here’s how AI suggests the next best action!

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Augmented Intelligence Lets Humans and Machines Do What Each Does Best

Use machine learning to analyze data and detect patterns at superhuman scale and leverage automation to act at superhuman speed. Leverage human expertise to go beyond the confines of existing data to make the best judgment calls.

Best Interface for Connecting Humans to Artificial Intelligence

Big data and search are forever intertwined as organizations address the unique challenges of storing, scaling, and making accessible huge amounts of data. This ebook looks at the past, present, and future of search tech for both consumers and the enterprise.


Elements of AI-Powered Search

Augmented Intelligence

There’s nothing artificial about intelligence. Augmented intelligence is when AI extends human judgment instead of replacing it.

Machine Learning

Learn how machine learning and search engines are a incredible combination for creating powerful experiences for customers and employees.

Clustering & Classification

How clustering and classification algorithms can improve the search experience for your employees and customers.

Query Analysis

Underperforming queries aggravate everyone. Head/tail analysis stops it.

Signal Capture & User Behavior

Users are constantly telling you what they like and what they don’t. Are you listening?


Some users know exactly what they’re looking for – almost. With every query, facets give every user a more precise set of results.


The best search applications index all of a company’s data so users have one unified search experience.


Personalization is about addressing people by name. Hyper-personalization is figuring out what they really want.

Natural Language Search

What if we could talk to computers in the same way we talk to people. Natural language search gets you there.

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