Solr Developer Survey 2015

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Mining Events for Recommendations

Summary: The “EventMiner” feature in Lucidworks Fusion can be used to mine event logs to power recommendations. We describe how the system uses graph navigation to generate diverse and high-quality…
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How Shutterstock Searches 35 Million Images by Color Using Apache Solr

Steps for extracting color data from images and indexing them into Solr, as well as looking at some ways to query color data in your Solr index.


Indexing Arabic Content in Apache Solr

The challenges – and solutions – of building Solr search apps for Arabic documents, data, and users.


Exploring Solr Anti-Patterns with Sematext’s Rafał Kuć

Common pitfalls and mistakes when configuring Apache Solr apps.


Solr as an Apache Spark SQL DataSource

Join us for our upcoming webinar, Solr & Spark for Real-Time Big Data Analytics. You’ll learn more about how to use Solr as an Apache Spark SQL DataSource and how to combine data from…
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Introducing Anda: a New Crawler Framework in Lucidworks Fusion

Introduction Developing a Crawler Writing a Fetcher Incremental Crawling Emitting Content Configuration Error Handling What’s next? Additional Reading Introduction Lucidworks Fusion 2.0 ships with roughly 30 out-of-the-box connector plugins to…
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If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It

Sarath Jarugula, VP Partners & Alliances at Lucidworks has a blog post up on IBM’s blog, If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It: How to Combine Traditional Knowledge with…
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Securing Solr with Basic Authentication

Until version 5.2, Solr did not include any specific security features. If you wanted to secure your Solr installation, you needed to use external tools and solutions which were proprietary and…
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Basics of Storing Signals in Solr with Fusion for Data Engineers

In April we featured a guest post Mixed Signals: Using Lucidworks Fusion’s Signals API, which is a great introduction to the Fusion Signals API. In this post I work through…
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