Lucidworks Fusion 1.3 Now Available

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Mixed Signals: Using Lucidworks Fusion’s Signals API

One of my favorite features in Lucidworks Fusion is the Signals API – a RESTful, flexible, easily implemented mechanism for capturing interesting user events.


Random Rants from the Search Curmudgeon

“I went through the usual stages: imp, rascal, scalawag, whippersnapper. And, of course, after that it’s just a small step to full-blown sociopath.” ― George Carlin, Brain Droppings Hi, Search…
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Solr Suggester

Solr Suggester How would you like to have your user type “energy”, and see suggestions like: Energa Gedania Gdansk Energies of God United States Secretary of Energy Kinetic energy The…
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Hubble Sees a Horsehead of a Different Color

Thoughts on “Search vs. Discovery”

“Search vs discovery” is a common dichotomy that is used in discussions about search technology, where the former is about finding specific things that are either known or assumed to…
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Infographic: 15 Years of The Apache Software Foundation

How a few optimistic webmasters changed the Web forever.


Parsing and Indexing Multi-Value Fields in Lucidworks Fusion

Recently, I was helping a client move from a pure Apache Solr implementation to Lucidworks Fusion.  Part of this effort entailed the recreation of indexing processes (implemented using Solr’s REST…
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BeetleCat2 mosaic

Introducing Query Autofiltering

Query Autofiltering is autotagging of the incoming query where the knowledge source is the search index itself.  What does this mean and why should we care? Content tagging processes are…
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Mark Your Calendar: Lucene/Solr Revolution 2015

If you attended Lucene/Solr Revolution 2014 and took the post-event survey, you’ll know that we polled attendees on where they would like to see the next Revolution take place. Austin…
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