Lucidworks Fusion 1.4 Now Available

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Mean Request timing for the 'long' field (cropped)

Efficient Field Value Cardinality Stats in Solr 5.2: HyperLogLog

Following in the footsteps of the percentile support added to Solr’s StatsComponent in 5.1, Solr 5.2 will add efficient set cardinality using the HyperLogLog algorithm. Basic Usage Like most of…
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Integrating Storm and Solr

In this post I introduce a new open source project provided by Lucidworks for integrating Solr and Storm. Specifically, I cover features such as micro-buffering, data mapping, and how to…
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Alert! Alert! Alert! (Implementing Alerts in Lucidworks Fusion)

Lucidworks Fusion includes a fully integrated messaging service and pipeline stages for quickly and easily setting up alerts at both index time and search time.


Infographic: The Woes of the CIOs

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it – especially when the future relies on it.


Custom Security Filtering in Solr 5.x

A customer that had implemented custom security filtering in Solr 3.x, and then moved to 4.x, recently worked with us to port their filtering code to Solr 5.x.  Lucene was overhauled…
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Bigger Yacht

Query Autofiltering Revisited – Lets be more precise!!!

In a previous blog post, I introduced the concept of “query autofiltering”, which is the process of using the meta information (information about information) that has been indexed by a…
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Rule-Based Replica Assignment for SolrCloud

When Solr needs to assign nodes to collections, it can either automatically assign them randomly or the user can specify a set nodes where it should create the replicas. With…
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customized dashboard

Noob* Notes: Log Analytics with Fusion

Fusion Dashboards are a powerful tool for analyzing search logs over Fusion collections. A Fusion Dashboard has one or more controls which take search terms as inputs and one or…
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Speak at Revolution 2015: Call for Papers open through May 8

As 2015 whizzes by (seriously, March where did you go?), the team at Lucidworks is busy preparing for another exciting Lucene/Solr Revolution, the largest conference dedicated to open source Lucene/Solr,…
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