Connected Experience Cloud

Capture insights anywhere, apply them everywhere.


What do customers actually want?

Customers expect you to know them, but getting to know them is hard. And using those insights consistently is difficult and expensive. Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud lets you capture insight from every action and easily apply it to the next, empowering everyone individually and breaking down insight silos everywhere.

Introducing the Connected Experience Cloud

Video: Deliver Connected Experiences with Search and AI

Lucidworks CEO Will Hayes introduces Connected Experience Cloud at the annual Activate conference.

CXC captures insight from every interaction and applies those insights to any workflow.

Capture insights anywhere.

Every action a user takes – clicks, views, queries, add-to-cart, purchases, help tickets – holds the seed of insight. Connected Experience Cloud captures these signals across all the channels a customer uses for interaction.

Understand those insights in context.

And context is always changing. Connected Experience Cloud understands intent based on a customer’s recent activity so it produces relevant, real-time results.

Apply those insights everywhere.

Connected Experience Cloud gives you that unified journey from click to cart to customer service, creating moments of delight and delivering the right insights for that moment.



Customers want to feel personally heard and understood. Aid them in resolving their own issues as they engage with you and your agents across multiple channels.



You can want to listen and understand customers. Take these millions of signals and apply insights to any workstream to increase conversion and drive revenue.



Support agents can see these insights in real-time and combine them with their own knowledge and expertise, making life easier for the agent and enriching the experience of the customer.


IT Teams

CXC provides one cloud platform – self-hosted or managed by us – for building applications. Teams can focus less on DevOps and more on solving their unique business problems.

Start Building Your CXC

Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud is ready to connect your employees and customers to what matters most.

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