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Connected Experience Cloud

Know Your Customers’ Needs

Your customers expect you to know them. In the past, that’s been costly and difficult. Not anymore. Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud (CXC) lets you capture insights from every customer action and apply them to any workflow.

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Capture signals and context

Every click, view, query, add-to-cart, purchase, and support ticket holds seeds of insight. Lucidworks CXC captures those signals to decipher context across all customer channels.

Understand customer intent

Online and in-store, context is always changing. Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud actively uncovers context-aware behavioral intent based on each customer’s recent activity.

Find and apply insights

Meaningful insights drive genuine moments of delight. So, from click-to-cart to customer service, Lucidworks Connected Experience Cloud makes it possible to find and apply the most relevant insights in all the right moments.

Deliver moments of delight

Lucidworks CXC doesn’t stop once the insights have been captured. It connects your employees and customers to what matters most—informing the moments of delight that keep your users coming back.

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Give your employees the advantage

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