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Easily deploy AI-powered employee experiences in a modern, containerized, cloud-native architecture.


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Knowledge Management Technologies

AI-Powered Search

Plug in machine learning and augmented intelligence to every step of the employee experience. Lucidworks brings native search tuning models, personalized search, intent prediction, and clustering algorithms to optimize every session for the best digital workplace environment.


We provide a wide variety of connectors to other best-of-breed applications for those pursuing a more modern architecture. From employee intranets to HR information and analytics, enabling bi-directional search queries and indexes across all technologies where data is stored, is critical to provide a positive and seamless employee experience.


Access similar documents and internal stakeholders with recommendations. Surface user specific recommendations, tailor results based on past behavior, similar items and even similar queries. Use ALS recommenders, query similarity, item and user similarity to help employees find what they’re looking for before they ask.

Bring Your Own Models

You know your data best. Our technology includes native support for Python machine learning models. Plug your custom ML models into the platform and integrate with your existing data science infrastructure. Allow your data scientists and analysts to use their existing toolkits to augment user’s human intelligence across the entire experience.

Advanced Linguistics

Lucidworks now embeds text analytics from Basis Technology, the leading provider of AI for natural language processing, to better understand user intent and provide more relevant answers to queries. Global organizations that support multiple languages for their search solutions can now make the information and insights they manage more accessible, more relevant and more personalized for their global audience.

Experience Optimizer

Empower your internal employee experience teams and knowledge specialists to create compelling experiences with drag and drop, block, add, pin, zones, and other rules – built right in to make their jobs and the lives of your employees more productive – and enjoyable.

Enterprise Search: Know Before You Buy

This guide will walk you through the key features to consider when choosing an enterprise search solution. You’ll learn the must-have functionality that is core to any successful application, as well as advanced capabilities that make enterprise search more powerful.

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SAS helps 16,000 global employees search 9M documents to find critical information with Fusion

“We have to be able to serve the data. Our data grows exponentially day to day. It’s not going to go away anytime in the future, it’s just going to grow.”

Alex Flynn,
Senior Manager – IT
SAS Institute

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Enterprise Search in 2025

Discover the Future of AI and Search

Enterprise search technologies are evolving – but user expectations are evolving faster. Learn the four big breakthroughs in search – and how they will impact your business, now and in the years to come.

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