Lucidworks AI

New AI Enhancements for Lucidworks Fusion Search Platform

Lucidworks AI includes the following capabilities:

  • NEW AI orchestration capabilities (*currently in closed beta) allow organizations to manage LLMs easily in a standardized place and way. This is made possible with LLM-powered keyword extraction, summaries, retrieval augmented generation, improved embeddings model training and deployment, and semantic vector search with pre-filtering, integrated with Lucidworks AI-hosted embeddings models
  • Generative AI-based search enrichment solutions powered by integrations with LLMs 
  • Guardrails for LLM and generative AI including controls, security trimmings, data enrichment, content exclusion, merchandising and experience optimization
  • Lucidworks AI expert services, model training, best practices, and AI benchmarking

Neural Hybrid Search 

  • Unique search methodology that utilizes semantic neural networks combined with traditional lexical search techniques 
  • Part of the Managed Fusion Platform that analyzes keywords in a search query and the meaning associated with them to provide more accurate and relevant results 
  • Provides a more intelligent search experience that can better adapt to users’ needs 

Smart Rank

  • New browse solution that allows organizations to automatically personalize the buyer experience based on industry, line of work, or segmented region 
  • Drives higher conversion rates 
  • Expedites time-to-value for a result, category, and navigation pages by ranking content and items that are hyper-relevant to a shopper 

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