Fusion and manufacturing.

Streamline the product lifecycle by bringing
people, documents, reports, and ideas together in one place.

Product manufacturing requires the expertise of many people spread across multiple departments and geographies. Teams have to have a top-down view that ensures everyone involved has access to the materials they need. During the design and development phases of product development, it's critical to make it easy for teams to involve others and share research and ideas.

Search with Categories

Employees looking for specific products or components can save time with instant, as-they-type results that let them jump directly from the search window to detail pages.

Information discovery is easy thanks to a user friendly search interface that makes browsing and refining fast and simple. Helpers include dynamic navigation categories, selected filter capsules that let visitors adjust searches on the fly, and interactive data visualisations that illustrate trends and groupings within the data.

Key search categories in the system include:


When reviewing results, jump straight to related documents, cases, ideas, and experts.


Search across the corporate intranet, legacy systems, document management systems and file systems simultaneously, encouraging knowledge transfer across teams and departments.


Search and review defect cases across the product portfolio to identify and address quality issues.


Review ideas for improvements and new products submitted by internal experts.


Find anyone in the organisation by their name, role, or expertise.

Product Overview Page

Powered completely by search, overview pages bring together everything there is to know about a product, including related documents, cases, ideas, people, products and collaborative notes.

Products and people can be bookmarked and shared internally, and notes can be left on their overview pages to aid colleagues.

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